Melissa’s Menu: Tacos two ways


This week’s recipe is classic, delicious and better than ordering takeout: Homemade tacos. Tacos are a really simple meal to make but can be packed with so many wonderful flavors. You can keep them really simple or load them up with all your favorite toppings. Either way, they are easy to customize. Below are two recipes: One is packed with tender, flavorful chicken, and the other is a super easy vegetarian taco. Whether it’s Taco Tuesday or any other day of the week, these recipes are sure to be a hit. 

Slow-Cooker Chicken Tacos 


1 onion, thinly sliced 

1 cup of corn 

1 can of diced tomatoes, drained 

Melissa’s Menu presents two taco recipes that you must make.  Photo via

Melissa’s Menu presents two taco recipes that you must make. Photo via

1 large jalapeño, deseeded and diced 

4 cloves of garlic, minced 

1 lime, juiced 

6 boneless and skinless chicken thighs 

12 corn tortillas 

Guacamole, as desired 

Salsa, as desired 

Shredded cheese, a desired 

For taco seasoning: 

2 teaspoons of cumin 

2 teaspoons of oregano 

1 1/2 teaspoons of paprika 

1 teaspoon chili powder 

1/2 teaspoon of black pepper 

Salt, to taste 


In a small bowl, combine the cumin, oregano, paprika, chili powder, pepper and salt, and stir to combine. Set aside. Place the onion, corn, tomatoes, jalapeño, garlic and lime juice in a large slow cooker. Place the chicken thighs on top of the veggies, and season with half of the taco seasoning. Turn the chicken over, and season with the remaining taco seasoning before mixing the chicken and veggies together until everything is well combined. Cook on a high setting for three hours or a low setting for six hours, until the chicken is cooked through. Remove the chicken and slice into small diced pieces. Then, place them back in the slow cooker. Give the chicken and veggies a good mix and replace the lid. Cook the chicken mixture for another 10 minutes so the flavors can marry. Using tongs or a slotted spoon, place the chicken taco mixture on corn tortillas and top with your choice of toppings.  

Chipotle Chickpea Tacos 


1 tablespoon of olive oil 

15 ounces of chickpeas, drained and rinsed 

2 tablespoons of low sodium soy sauce 

1 teaspoon of chipotle chili powder 

1 teaspoon of garlic powder 

Guacamole, as desired 

Shredded cheese, as desired 

Salsa, as desired 

Tortilla, to serve 


Add olive oil to a pan over medium heat. Once the oil begins to simmer, add chickpeas and cook until slightly golden, stirring occasionally. Add soy sauce, chipotle chili powder and garlic powder to the chickpeas and sauté for three to four more minutes, until golden brown. Serve on warm tortillas with desired taco toppings. 


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