Halsey revives us with her new single ‘Graveyard’ 


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Singer-songwriter Halsey released her pop-enthused single “Graveyard” on Sept. 13, the second single connected to her next album “Manic,” preceded by “Nightmare.” 

Along with announcing that the song was released on all streaming platforms Halsey also tweeted that her sophomore album “Manic” is available for preorder and is due to be released on Jan. 17.  

Halsey painted the artwork for the album herself. She released a timelapse video of painting the self-portrait alongside the single, “Graveyard.” 

“Graveyard” talks about a relationship turning so toxic that you’d do anything for the other person, even die for them.  Halsey sings about obsessive relationships, where you might begin to adopt your partner’s attitude or life choices.  

“It’s funny how the warning signs can feel like they’re butterflies,” sings Halsey. 

The song starts off with a soft, acoustic guitar and builds to an up-tempo beat to match the chorus. This adds emphasis to the chorus and draws the listener’s attention to those lyrics specifically.  

The song feels intimate because of the rawness of her vocals, which is nothing new for Halsey. She shares all of her intimate and raw moments with her fans through music, in other albums such as “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom” and “Badlands.”   

Compared to “Nightmare,” this song is definitely a softer ballad that manages to encapsulate a lot of anger. It shows the contrast fans can expect to see throughout her album, which follows the mood that the title “Manic” brings. Halsey has opened up about having bipolar disorder in the past to her fans and “Manic” could very well be about her struggle.  

Halsey’s fanbase already reacted in a positive way on Twitter, calling the song a work of art. People online also loved the different sides of Halsey that she showed with “Graveyard” and “Nightmare.”  

“When I say that no one is doing what halsey does I mean it, NO ONE does what she does. Halsey simply exceeds all expectations,” @youngskam tweeted. “Graveyard is just one more proof that this woman can do ANYTHING. she is not just an artist. she is THE artist. Graveyard is excellency.” 

Rating: 5/5 

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