AHS 1984: ‘American Horror Story’ returns just in time for Halloween 


The popular series “American Horror Story” returned for its ninth season with “AHS 1984” on Sept. 18, just in time for the Halloween season. 

The series, obviously, is set in the year 1984. This season surrounds the story of a mass killing at a summer camp called Camp Redwood. The killing occurred in 1970, and the cast is attending the camp for its first opening since the incident.  

This season encapsulates the 80s culture well, from the clothing they wear down to the big round glasses popular in that time period. People smoke cigarettes throughout, and the costumes are pastel colors and jean jackets. 

This season showcases some of the series’ repeat actors such as Sarah Paulson, Emma Roberts and Billie Lourd. Surprisingly, there is no sign of Evan Peters, who has been in every season of “American Horror Story” up to this point. 

The show is known for encapsulating horror movie themes into its plot. This season is no different, with plenty of jump scares and dimmed lighting throughout the episode. Before you get to the halfway point of the first episode there are already physical attacks and warnings from other people to stay away from the camp, which isn’t surprising for a horror series. 

This season gives off a “scary stories around the campfire” vibe. It is reminiscent of stories you hear as a kid at camp about ghosts or murder, only it’s not fake. The story of the murderer case is real and is proven by the character who owns the camp, Margaret Booth.  

Roberts’ character is chased in the woods, and before she escapes she breaks down to the rest of the people at the campsite, who don’t believe a word she says. This seems to be the climax of the episode, which occurred right before the show leaves audiences wondering. 

Like any good TV show, “American Horror” left us on a cliffhanger. You can see Emma Roberts’ character is left on a spooky phone call that we can only assume is connected to her terrifying scare the night prior when she was chased in the woods.  

‘American Horror Story’ is back, and it doesn’t forget its roots in horrific entertainment. The characters are all so dynamic and interesting with their relationships with one another, and the show holds a large amount of action and gore. This season in particular is going to be reminiscent of 80s horror movies, perfect to kick off the spooky season.  

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