Ralph Lauren designs clothing line inspired by the hit show ‘Friends’ 


If you’ve ever wanted to dress like Jennifer Aniston’s stylish character Rachel Green, from the hit show “Friends,” now is your chance. In partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, Ralph Lauren dropped a clothing line this weekend in celebration of the show’s 25th anniversary, with inspiration coming from the characters themselves.  

The 74-piece collection titled “The One Where They Wear Ralph Lauren,” is an ode to Rachel Green, but has homages to all five of the main characters. The collection consists of pieces from Ralph Lauren and Polo’s wear-to-work collection, but are specifically picked to create a 90s-nostalgic look straight from the show.  

The collection has styles for both men and women and includes pieces such as a pleated miniskirt and thigh high suede boots that scream Rachel and a pleated georgette skirt that Phoebe Buffay would be seen singing in. There’s everything from a grey cable knit sweater and white collared shirt that Chandler Bing would lounge in to a pair of black skinny leather pants that are reminiscent of the ones Ross wore in season five.  

In the promotional photos, each “Friends” look is designated to a famous scene from the show and will make any fan squeal with excitement. These recognizable scenes range from models dancing in a New York City fountain (as seen during the show’s theme song), to a mock set of the group’s favorite coffee shop “Central Perk” and even the apartment Rachel Green and her roommate Monica Gellar lived in.  

The collection is available on Ralph Lauren’s site and, naturally, at Rachel’s favorite clothing store: Bloomingdales. According to Rachel, you better “get one of those job things,” because the pieces aren’t cheap, ranging from $39 to $2,998. More like “The One Where We Max Out Our Credit Cards!” 

This isn’t the first time “Friends” and Ralph Lauren have crossed paths. Jennifer Aniston’s character on the show referenced the designer in several episodes, and the designer himself made a cameo appearance in one episode titled, “The One with Ross’ Teeth.” 

Alongside Ralph Lauren, other companies have celebrated in lieu of the show’s 25th anniversary. Google recently rolled out Easter eggs earlier this month connected to their searches. When the show’s characters are searched, an icon is shown that plays an inside joke or iconic line related to the character.  

The TV show’s pop-up experience also arrived in New York City earlier this month. The immersive experience presents surprises such as set recreations, props and costumes used in the series. Tickets are sold out, but there is a waiting list on their website.  

Caroline LeCour is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached by email at caroline.lecour@uconn.edu.

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