Information Technology Services to install new wifi system over winter break


UConn’s Information Technology Services hope to resolve the spotty wifi situation on the Storrs campus with new equipment.  Photo by    Frank Wang    on    Unsplash

UConn’s Information Technology Services hope to resolve the spotty wifi situation on the Storrs campus with new equipment. Photo by Frank Wang on Unsplash

The University of Connecticut’s Information Technology Services (UITS) has created a new design for campus residence halls in response to the current spotty wifi on the Storrs campus. 

The new wifi system involves putting a small current generation access point in every dorm room, Michael Mundrane, vice president for information technology, said. 

“The new equipment, which provides both wired and wireless connection options, will be installed over the current jack in the room,” Mundrane said. “These devices are individually less powerful, but every student will be quite near one and will experience a high-quality signal.”  

The design is currently used in some hospitality environments and is a very good choice for residence halls, Mundrane said.  

“Our primary goal was to provide the highest quality experience to each and every room,” Mundrane said.  

UITS chose to first implement the new system in Garrigus Suites, as Garrigus’ current wfi system is one of the oldest deployments on campus, Mundrane said. The new equipment will be installed over winter break. 

Mundrane promised students on campus will enjoy this new efficient wireless system.  

“I expect that students will enjoy a significantly improved wifi experience upon return from winter break,” Mundrane said. 

Currently, UConn’s wifi system has been inconsistent and won’t be running smoothly again until this winter, UConn spokesperson Stephanie Reitz said. 

Mundrane said aging has been a major factor in the spotty wifi on campus.  

“Student usage of wifi has increased dramatically over the years, as they are connecting more devices per student and using more bandwidth per device,” Mundrane said. “All technology has a usable life, and the infrastructure at this location was deployed quite some time ago with the combination of aging infrastructure and contemporary student usage patterns resulting in an inadequate experience.” 

Mundrane said that currently, UConn provides wifi through wifi signals located in various points across campus.  

Mundrane said the signals will improve with new updates done frequently. 

“Access points improve with each new model and architecture evolves over time,” Mundrane said. “Old equipment and old designs do not persist forever.” 

Anthony Zepperi is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at


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