An apology for last week’s headline


Last week, The Daily Campus ran a story on the Mansfield town manager being fired due to racist and sexist comments. We ran an insensitive headline with this story that was featured prominently on the front page. The headline read: “‘I hate black people’: Mansfield Town Manager out after racist comments, hostile work environment.” The first part of the headline was a direct quote said by the since-fired town manager. The Daily Campus realizes we could have conveyed the main information of the story just as effectively without the unnecessary shock value of the quotation being such a prominent element of the headline.  

On behalf of The Daily Campus, the Editorial Board would like to apologize for the headline and front page design. We have heard from UConn community members that the headline caused undue distress. We strive to ensure the impact of our work matches our intent, which in this case, it regrettably did not.  

We have already had conversations with our entire staff about why this headline was inappropriate. We have encouraged our staff to readily engage in a conversation about sensitive topics in the stories we report in the future. The Daily Campus is aware of the impact our content has on the UConn community. With that, we must take active steps to ensure our paper is created responsibly and respectfully.   

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