Best movies to get into the Halloween mood


With Halloween right around the corner, here are some must-watch Halloween movies.  Photo by    on    Unsplash

With Halloween right around the corner, here are some must-watch Halloween movies. Photo by on Unsplash

Halloween is just around the corner and one thing everybody always wants is a good scary movie to watch. There are tons of scary movies out there, but a few of them are perfect to watch around Halloween.  

One of the quintessential movies to watch is “Halloween” from 1978 starring Jamie Lee Curtis. The movie is regarded as the first-ever slasher movie and remains a classic to this day. 

The movie is perfect because it takes place on Halloween night and Michael Myers is still one of the most iconic villains in movie history. Watching the 2018 sequel would also make for a good double feature. 
Another good but lesser-known Halloween movie is 2007’s “Trick R Treat.” The movie is an anthology horror movie divided into different segments that all take place on Halloween night. Although some segments are better than others, this movie perfectly captures the essence of Halloween.  

The film was released straight to DVD in 2007 but has garnered a strong fanbase. Since it is a lesser-known movie “Trick R Treat” is great for showing at Halloween parties, as most people have not seen it. It is a good change of pace from all the movies everyone has already seen.  

Another great movie to watch around Halloween is the 1993 stop motion classic “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” This movie is unique in that it can be watched on either Halloween or Christmas.  

The movie takes place in Halloween Town where the leader, Jack Skellington, discovers Christmas Town and tries to take over the holiday. The stop-motion animation still looks great and the songs are catchy and memorable. 

The movie is a great alternative for those that want to watch a Halloween movie but do not like scary movies. It also makes for a nice transition to the Christmas season, which for some reason always seems to begin the day after Halloween. 

Horror-comedies are also great for people who are not fans of straight-up horror movies. One of the best horror comedies to watch is the 2004 film “Shaun of the Dead.” 

Shaun of the Dead is a British zombie comedy directed by Edgar Wright, more recently known for directing “Baby Driver” and “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.” The movie is a parody of zombie movies like “Dawn of the Dead” and “Night of the Living Dead.” The movie has a ton of dry humor and funny horror movie references.  

Another great horror-comedy is the 2014 vampire movie “What We Do in the Shadows.” The movie is filmed as a documentary and captures the lives of vampire roommates living in a New Zealand flat. The movie feels like a mix of The Office and vampire movies and is just as funny as it sounds. There is also a TV series based on the movie that came out this year that is also worth checking out. 

Watching scary movies on Halloween is the perfect thing for anyone who does not want to go to a party or is too old to trick or treat. The movies mentioned above are some of the best choices to get into the Halloween mood. 

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