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Do you want to explore the Asian food culture of Vancouver with famous chef, restauranter and TV personality David Chang? Then Netflix has you covered with the new travel and food show “Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.” 

The show revolves around host Chang traveling to famous cities and trying food with celebrities, such as actor, writer and comedian Seth Rogen in the first episode.  

What was really enjoyable about the show was now it focused on the communities and people that make the foods as well as interviewing the celebrity. Rogen, who grew in Vancouver, had a large amount of experience and insight into the Asian food he grew up with.  

Rogen and Chang started off by going to an Asian food market that Rogen grew up going to. They went to a donut shop called Lee’s Donuts and had the opportunity to help glaze the donuts. They were also blown away by the machine that pumps jelly into the pastries. 

After that they went on a crab boat, where they discussed the history of the Vancouver Canucks and how there were riots in Vancouver after they lost in the finals in 1994 and 2011. 

“It proves definitively that we’re a little better at rioting than we are at hockey,” Rogen said. 

This conversation highlights one of the better aspects of the show: Those not very familiar with Vancouver or hockey get to learn the history of the city.  

After the boat, Rogen and Chang went to the Sun Sui Wah Chang Seafood restaurant, where they ate dim sum, sushi and chicken feet. Rogen said that he didn’t realize it was strange that he grew up eating so much ethnic food until he watched “The Breakfast Club.” 

“Molly Ringwald’s character is eating sushi and everyone’s looking at her like she’s a f– alien!” said Rogen. 

Towards the end of the episode, Chang and Rogen went to a Chinese restaurant and Chinese melon soup, Hong Kong style honey barbecue pork and soy chicken.  

In the restaurant they talked to the owner and his son, who is going to run the restaurant when his father retires. These genuine conversations with everyday people are really the highlight of the show. 

Chang and Rogen are both really laid back and personable which gave the episode a relaxed atmosphere. It feels less like the viewer is watching a show and more like just going out with two friends and getting food. 

The episode ended with Chang and Rogen going to The Vancouver Aquarium, where Chang met the octopus the aquarium named after Rogen thanks his Twitter followers who voted for him in an online vote.  

The first episode of “Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner” was really enjoyable. The relaxed vibe and amazing Asian food will have you wishing you were in Vancouver. The interspersed bits of the history and culture are a nice element as well. 

There are currently four episodes of the show available on Netflix, which feature celebrity guests like Kate Mckinnon, Chrissy Teigen and Lena Waithe.  

The show is definitely worth watching unless it is past 10 p.m. and Late Night is over, because be warned, you will get hungry watching it. 

Rating: 4/5

Thumbnail photo courtesy of @davidchang Instagram.

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