Netflix original ‘Rhythm + Flow:’ Cardi B., T.I. and Chance the Rapper search for the next rap superstar 


“Rhythm + Flow,” a Netflix original show seeking the next rap superstar and featuring Cardi B., T.I. and Chance The Rapper, was released on Oct. 9 and is now available in full. 

The show released three episodes every Wednesday from Oct. 9 to Oct. 23. The competition went from 30 people to the top four before picking the winner, who won $250,000 and a performance with Spotify. The competition began with people each judge hand-picked from their home cities of Atlanta, New York and Chicago, in addition to Los Angeles. During this process, the judges had guests such as Snoop Dog and Quavo help them narrow down the competition. 

During the competition the judges put contestants in intense scenarios that challenged them as artists to show that they deserved to win. The challenges included rap battles, music video production, performances that mimicked an award show performance and features. Some people crumbled under the pressure but others excelled every week and grew to be better artists.  

The contestants got to collaborate with big names in the music industry, from Grammy-nominated producers to hip hop artists like Ty Dolla Sign. They had tight deadlines to work with, but the artists were there to help them in whatever way they could to teach them the process of recording, writing and sampling other songs in their raps. 

Each week was more intense than the last, testing each artist to their absolute limit. The judges put them under a lot of pressure with time constraints on top of the challenge itself. This showed what artists had the work ethic to push through it all, which represented the actual hardships they could face in the music industry. 

The emotional stakes were very high because almost every contestant had their own struggles in life. Each contestant was trying to prove themselves to the judges while dealing with different struggles in their personal lives.  

The show narrowed down in the last few episodes to contestants Londynn B., Flawless Real Talk, D Smoke and Troy Man. Each artist brought a lot of different things to the table, but it came down to who had the most extravagant, flawless and creative performance. 

Londynn B. was the last female in the competition, which resonated a lot with Cardi B., to the point where Cardi B. even said that Londynn B reminded her of herself. Her style was similar to Cardi B.’s rapping as well. 

The most impressive throughout the show was definitely D Smoke because he was true to himself and stood out the most in each competition. He stood out with his unique performances and creative endeavors, as well as incorporating Spanish into his raps.  

This show is a series that is easy to watch quickly because each person brings so much to the competition and resonates with people going through similar situations in their personal lives. “Rhythm + Flow” is also one of the first shows of its kind to focus specifically on rap music and hip-hop. 

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