Town Council Candidate Profile: David Freudmann


Republican Mansfield Town Council candidate David Freudmann.  Photo provided by candidate.

Republican Mansfield Town Council candidate David Freudmann. Photo provided by candidate.

Republican Mansfield Town Council candidate David Freudmann is a University of Connecticut alumnus, retired electrical engineer and former electronics professor at a community college, according to the Mansfield-Storrs Patch. He began serving on the Mansfield Town Council in May 2012 and is seeking re-election this year.

In April of this year, Freudmann voted against the town’s proposed 2019-20 spending budget, which includes funds regarding general town and Board of Education matters. The package in total was set at $42,764,530, an increase of 2.2% from the previous budget, according to The Chronicle.

While Freudmann said he understood putting $50,000 of the budget toward drainage of the town hall to protect assets, he raised the possibility of other expenses arising throughout the year that are not assured by a solid budget.  

“It will be neverending,” Freudmann told The Chronicle in April. “We never discussed it.” 

Freudmann said he believes the town of Mansfield does not require as large and expansive of a budget as what was proposed. Cutting back on these costs would be beneficial, he added.  

“I think the budget is bloated, we have two and a half as many full-time equivalent (FTE) employees as does Coventry, which is a town of comparable year-round population,” Freudmann said. “Mansfield spends $5,000 more per student per year than Hebron and Tolland, which are both towns with comparable demographics and population.” 

In September, Freudmann also voted against hiring a consultant to evaluate the wrongdoings under the leadership of former Town Manager Derrik Kennedy. The resolution, however, later passed, according to The Chronicle.

Kennedy resigned July 17 amid allegations of racism and a hostile work environment that were brought to the attention of the town’s department heads, who gave the former manager a vote of no confidence to the Town Council just weeks earlier on July 1.

In the consultant vote, Freudmann argued the council itself had not yet sat down to discuss how to improve from Kennedy’s tenure and that they had not yet investigated the matter in depth, two actions he said should be taken care of before bringing in a consultant, the Chronicle article said.  

“I look around this table and I see great experience in handling personnel matters,” Freudmann said during the meeting. He added the council should meet first to “discuss what went wrong” prior to hiring a consultant, according to the Chronicle.  

Freudmann said his position, as well as that of the Republican party in Mansfield, focuses on reducing spending where it is not necessary and granting individuals more rights instead of giving these rights to the government. 

“We Republicans oppose subsidies for developers, ordinances like Off-Street Parking (OSP) that target students and wasteful spending on consultant studies,” Freudmann said. 


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