Introducing: Culture Shock 



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Concept by Daniella Angulo

Introduction by Katharine Morris, President of UCCO 

As you navigate this vast, windy campus we call Storrs, have you ever felt that your identity is not represented, reflected or respected? Have you ever been discriminated against, harassed or otherwise marginalized? 

The Daily Campus has joined with UConn Collaborative Organizing (UCCO) and the UConn NAACP to create Culture Shock, a new space for UConn students to speak freely on their experiences as a member of an underrepresented or marginalized group. This is a space to reflect and learn — not a call-out space — so all submissions will be anonymous and identifying details will be edited out. Submissions are accepted at:  

Many of us internalize our pain rather than making it known. Culture Shock intends to shift that narrative and, in turn, shift the culture of UConn to one that is consistently inclusive.  


  • Be honest with yourself and with the community. Speak truth to power.  

  • Be open about your experiences. Embrace the vulnerability.  

  • Be intentional, first and foremost. This is a space to spread awareness and love.   


  • Provide a platform for the marginalized and underrepresented.  

  • Publicize the experiences that are unimaginable for some, yet common for others.  

  • Connect the campus while shedding light on its dark spaces.  


  • Your experiences on campus formed into a work of artistic expression, whether that’s a written piece, a poem, a drawing or another form of art. 


  • Submission must come from current UConn students, faculty and staff.  

  • Submission must not come with the intent to hurt, devalue or disrespect anyone.  

  • Submission must remain anonymous for the safety of all parties involved. 


You can submit pieces at:

If you have any questions, reach out to  

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