Husky on the Road: A Walk to Magnolia Bakery  


On a recent Saturday morning, I took a walk to Magnolia Bakery on Bleeker Street. Of all the sights and sounds in New York, this confectionary stop might just be my favorite.  

It was in front of this bakery, small hands pressed against the glass, watching a baker put the finishing touches on a tray of pastel frosted cupcakes that I dreamed of owning my own bakery, by the name of Kate’s Cakes.  

I invite you, fellow dessert enthusiasts and travel extraordinaires, to take a trip to Greenwich Village for an afternoon cupcake, topped with that signature sugar flower that dissolves blissfully on your tongue. 

As you approach the bakery, stop and say hello to a Yorkshire Terrier, plotting along his sidewalk. Greenwich Village is home to small dogs and their people. Of course, also to scooter riders and afternoon latte sippers.  

Growing up, I always knew when my short, tired legs were nearing Magnolia Bakery by the long line curving around the corner. This was the best in New York. 

Recall the joy of confetti cake baked from a box, frosted pink and showered with rainbow sprinkles. That childhood birthday party feeling, is the best way to describe the inside of Magnolia Bakery. Pastel cake stands and delicate bunting banners, twinkling lights and lace curtains.  

Selecting a cupcake is the hardest part. The sheets of colorful and comfortable flavors awaken your taste buds, eager to feast. My friend selected the hummingbird cake, opting to try a new classic. However I go with my usual order: Vanilla cake frosted pink and topped with a sugar daisy.  

If you have time, take the twine wrapped box into the Bleecker Street playground. Find a nice picnic table and cut each cake in half. Taste your own first, bringing that sweet smile to your face. And then try each other’s, as you watch the youngest generation of New Yorkers attempt the monkey bars, with persistent blistered hands.  

But perhaps also save a bite for the train ride home.  

Kate Luongo is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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