Roundtable: Favorite Sports GIF 


Sports can be compared to the human emotion: Goals are set, athletes grow, conflicts arise and a wide variety of emotions are elicited. Sometimes, all of the above can be felt in a single game. So what better way to represent these deep, meaningful feelings than with a GIF? The DC Sports Staff gives its takes on the GIFs that change the game in this week’s roundtable. 

Mike Mavredakis, Staff Writer  

What could possibly top a GIF of “Big Baby” Glen Davis’s wild tongue? I say nothing. There is so much versatility to this GIF, you can use it in response to virtually anything. It is a wildly complex GIF. His facial expression is perfect on its own but then add in the tongue movement and it becomes a masterpiece. It combines all of my favorite things: the Celtics, pure weirdness, strange emotional responses and Glen Davis. This GIF is insurmountable. 


Story Salit, Campus Correspondent 

As much as I loved seeing Joel Embiid’s crying moment become a viral GIF after the Sixers fell to the Raptors in game seven of the ECF last season, I have to go with TV personality Skip Bayless’ iconic “No! How bout a big no!” GIF. While this GIF hasn’t been a huge viral sensation and I’ve only seen it in a handful of memes, Bayless’ sudden burst of anger and crazed facial expression does it all for me. I find myself imitating this GIF far too often.

David Sandoval, Campus Correspondent 

Out of all of the soccer GIFs I could’ve chosen, I have to go with a more recent one about Man City’s Pep Guardiola. To summarize, his side played against Liverpool this past weekend where two handballs should’ve resulted in penalties, at least according to Pep and the fans. After the second handball incident, Guardiola was fuming, and rightfully so, thus sparking his now famous “Twice!” GIF. Hey Pep, how many more weeks until Thanksgiving? 


Danny Barletta, Staff Writer 

There are so many great sports GIFs, from Nick Young’s premature celebration to James Harden’s eye roll, but my personal favorite is a little less known. Bruce Arians, who was then the coach of the Arizona Cardinals, gave the internet one of its best GIFs when he reacted to a penalty flag. He whips his head around and looks as if he’d just seen a ghost. The pure shock and emotion in his face make it my favorite GIF, and I can’t help but laugh whenever I see it used as a reply on Twitter. 


Jorge Eckardt, Staff Writer 

In honor of the best pitcher on the face of the earth, Jacob Anthony deGrom, I have to go with this one of him walking to the dugout after (presumably, I really have no idea) striking someone out on one of his many nasty putaway pitches. The face he makes cracks me up every time I see it, and then he breaks into one of those classic Jake deGrom smiles. And, for a little nostalgia, it’s from when Jake still had his magnificent flowing locks. In retrospect, it was probably a good idea for him to cut his hair, considering he’s two-for-two on Cy Young awards since.  

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