Where Are They Now: Molly Stadnicki 


Molly Stadnicki was the editor-in-chief of the Daily Campus her senior year and said it shaped her future when she was unsure.  Photo by Molly Stadnicki.

Molly Stadnicki was the editor-in-chief of the Daily Campus her senior year and said it shaped her future when she was unsure. Photo by Molly Stadnicki.

This new column is our way of checking in with our Daily Campus alum. We learn how they first got their start at The Daily Campus, what they gained from being a part of the newspaper and what they are doing as careers right now. 

“It wasn’t just class assignments, we were literally going out and producing the newspaper,” Stadnicki said. 

Molly Stadnicki, who graduated with a degree in Psychology and English from UConn, held many roles in her time at The Daily Campus. She began her climb to the top of the newspaper with a little voice in her head that told her to turn around and go back to The Daily Campus’ table at the involvement fair as a freshman.  

It was the News section that drew her in, after meeting former News Editor and Editor-in-Chief Julia Werth at the table, who would go on to be one of her lifelong friends, Stadnicki said.  

“The rest is history, I just stuck with it,” Stadnicki said. 

Stuck with it she did, holding the positions of campus correspondent, staff writer, senior staff writer, receptionist, copy editor, associate news editor and editor-in-chief over the course of her four years. 

“I learned a lot about print, business, editorial departments, how they work separately, how they work together,” Stadnicki said about what she got to experience in her time here. “Because we printed through the Hartford Courant, I worked closely with them and I was able to do a visit there before I started as editor-in-chief. The time I saw it, at The Daily Campus was a really real-world experience, it is very similar to how places like the Hartford Courant ran.” 

It was under Stadnicki’s watch as editor-in-chief that The Daily Campus began its venture into social media and video.  

“It added another skill set to the kinds of writing I was capable of, and along the same lines newswriting introduced a new level critical thinking and questioning everything,” Stadnicki said. “It made me really realize there’s always more than one side to every story, where to find facts to back all that up, media strategies – stuff I still use in my job today. Joining The Daily Campus, holding the positions I did, was probably the best thing I did for myself while I was at UConn.” 

Upon graduation, Stadnicki got a job as a manager at a small business retail store for a year while she waded through the job market – a job she got as a result of all of her management experience at the paper.  

From there she recently got a full-time job with End Hunger Connecticut, an anti-hunger non-profit in Hartford, where she is the SNAP & Nutrition Outreach Coordinator. She did some social media work with them prior to her hiring as a full-time employee.  

Much of her role is to work with agencies across the state and encourage them to partner with the non-profit to better serve the community and provide more assistance to those who need it. 

Mike Mavredakis is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at michael.quinn-mavredakis@uconn.edu. He tweets @mmavredakis.

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