The downfall of Onision


Gregory “James” Jackson, otherwise known as Onision, is a popular YouTuber who is best known for his 2009 video, “Banana Song (I’m a Banana).” The video has over 78 million views and helped Jackson reach over two million subscribers on YouTube. In the years since “Banana Song” released, Jackson has been no stranger to controversy. In 2012, the internet video convention VidCon banned Jackson for making a statement about his girlfriend, according to In the statement, Jackson claimed that because his girlfriend “‘had slept with over 20 men’ thus was incapable of being raped.”

The most recent scandal Jackson is facing, however, involves “grooming” girls with his husband Kai. For those unaware of what grooming is, it is when a sexual predator gains the trust of a victim to later start a sexual relationship. In Jackson’s case, a woman known as Sarah had a relationship with Jackson’s husband, formerly known as LaineyBot, back in 2014 when she was 14. At 15, Jackson had romantic conversations with Sarah, often sharing sexual jokes and comments. Kai adopted Sarah when she was 16 and she moved in with him and his husband.

This isn’t the first time YouTube has been involved in pedophilic activity. YouTuber Matt Wilson made a video exposing how pedophiles use the comment section on videos of children to share pedophilic content on the site.

Since the allegations have come out, Jackson has continued to make videos on YouTube, which are mostly songs. Jackson was banned from using the creator subscription service Pateron because he allegedly “doxed” (or exposed private information online) a woman named Billie Dawn Webb, who claimed she was groomed and harassed while living with Jackson and his husband. Jackson posted text conversions, which included Webb’s phone number, to Twitter resulting in the ban and subsequent backlash.

Four other women have come forward with allegations of physical and sexual assault against Jackson. Chris Hansen from “To Catch a Predator” has been investigating claims against Jackson and his husband. Hansen featured Jackson’s alleged victims on his YouTube channel to interview them about their encounters with Jackson. The FBI is also involved in investigating the allegations against Jackson and his husband. As of this writing, there have been no charges issued to the couple.

When Insider asked Jackson for an interview on the allegations, he requested $10,000. Insider denied the payment and Jackson later wrote them an email stating, “the fee is never expected to be accepted. I should be paid to endure [sick] stupidity of the current state of outrage/online culture.”

On Jan. 16 of this year, Jackson filed a civil lawsuit against Hanson and Daniel Sulzbach, known as Repzion on YouTube. It is unclear why exactly Jackson is filing a suit against Hanson and Sulzbach, however Hanson did visit Jackson’s home in Washington on Jan. 9 and he had 911 called on him by Jackson. As for Sulzbach, he made videos criticizing Jackson on his YouTube channel. The trial is expected to happen on Jan. 24 at the Pierce County District Court in Washington.

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