HuskyCT gets a facelift


Husky CT has a new design this semester.  Screenshot of the new homepage.

Husky CT has a new design this semester. Screenshot of the new homepage.

University of Connecticut’s Information Technology Services updated HuskyCT Jan. 20, the director of campus technology, Haleh Ghaemolsabahi, said.  

The navigation has been updated to Ultra Base Navigation, an advanced Blackboard system, Ghaemolsabahi said. Although Ultra Base launched a few years ago, ITS waited for early issues and bugs to be resolved. The choice to update on Jan. 20 was due to class timing.  

“We chose to update on January 20 because winter intersession had just concluded, and the spring semester had not started yet,” Ghaemolsabahi said.  

The main change is that the tabs, “My Courses,” “Notification Dashboard,” “Instructor Help,” “Student Help” and “Academic Resources” have been replaced by a new home page called the institution page.  

“The institution page is the landing page for UConn and appears after you log in. Everything that was on multiple tabs is now on the institution page and filtered by your role — faculty, staff or student — at the University,” she said.  

 Most items are now displayed on a side menu in which students can find updates for their courses, Ghaemolsabahi said.  

Other changes are that it is easier to change personal information and that users can also switch between a list view and a tile view, she said.  

 These changes should make it easier for all users to utilize HuskyCT, Ghaemolsabahi said.  

 “A more intuitive navigation helps faculty, staff and students find and customize their content more easily,” she said.  

There will be a video on the institution page and appropriate contact information for those who need help learning how to use the new interface, Ghaemolsabahi said.

“We understand that it takes time to get accustomed to changes,” Ghaemolsabahi said.  “We also appreciate the feedback we have received from our community and always welcome more. The contact information for [the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning] and ITS is listed on the institution page, and we are available to help.”  

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