Culture Shock: Untitled


That’s what he called me.
He didn’t speak the word
Out loud
But he didn’t have to
For them to
R i n g
Through my head
Just the same
As had he shouted them

It was in an
And maybe
It wasn’t meant
To end the

But that word
Has set something off
In my brain
Since it was leveled at me

And maybe it’s not
Culture shock
Because lately
It seems like
Far too much
That word is used
To tear girls down
In a stupid

And right now
As i write this
I’m still angry
That that word
Was used
To describe me
That he said
That’s all i am
And it is not
All i am
It is not
All anyone is
No word for that matter is
All anyone is

So yes
I’m angry
Rightly so
When our society
Has come to use
Words meant to cut
An entire gender
An entire segment of our society
To the bone

So don’t tell me
I’m overreacting
Or just
Don’t ever use that word
Or any long list of
Stupid, hurtful words
Even if you’re just mad
Even if you’re joking
Because i am
So much more
Than some
Stupid word
Meant to
Define me
Hurt me

Culture Shock is an anonymous space for underrepresented and marginalized groups at UConn to share their stories. You can submit your story here.

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