Gampel’s wifi signal strengthened


After six months of work, University of Connecticut Information Technology (IT) Services and UConn Athletics have completed a joint project to increase internet connectivity to Gampel Pavilion. 

Gampel Pavillion  by Matthias Rosenkranz.  Pictured is the building having the WiFi improvements added.

Gampel Pavillion by Matthias Rosenkranz. Pictured is the building having the WiFi improvements added.

Wifi strength was enhanced to better serve large crowds during popular events, UConn Director of Telecommunications Michael Williams said. 

“Our objective was to provide a comprehensive wireless coverage throughout Gampel with the capacity required to support the density of users during an event,” Williams said.   

Before this undertaking, Williams said that wifi was “deployed” to Gampel for the purposes of staff, media and the like.  

“This resulted in a ‘presence’ of wifi in much of the building with poor performance,” Williams said. 

Wireless connectivity through the UConn Secure and Guest servers is transmitted through specialized antennas called access points, according to Williams.  The distance between these access points affects the quality of the signal received.  Therefore, Williams said the access points were strategically placed throughout Gampel to provide the best service possible. 

Costs endured for this project were more than just the system enhancements, Williams said. 

“…The project included necessary updates to network equipment rooms used by the wireless systems, that also support the faculty, staff and administration spaces within the building,” Williams said. “The total cost of the project was approximately $500,000.” 

UConn Athletics Director David Benedict was pleased with the project’s completion. 

“We are grateful to the many people here at UConn that helped make full wireless connectivity at Gampel Pavilion a reality,” Benedict said in a recent press release.  “Sports fans across the country have come to expect having a robust, in-venue wireless network at their disposal and I am happy we will be able to provide that in Storrs moving forward.” 

This specific project is part of an ongoing effort to improve connectivity throughout all of the UConn Storrs campus. 

“Although the deployment is complete, we will be monitoring the performance during events and fine tuning the wireless systems during the next few events to ensure they operate as expected,” Williams said. “This project is also part of a larger initiative to improve the network – both wired and wireless – throughout the Storrs campus. As we perform updates to buildings, our community will see improvements to service. Completing the Gampel project was a substantial deployment, and one we hope benefits all of our faculty, staff and students, as well as UConn sports fans.” 

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