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The new TV show “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay” comes out with a new episode every Thursday at 8:30pm EST.  @everythingsgonnabeokay

The new TV show “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay” comes out with a new episode every Thursday at 8:30pm EST. @everythingsgonnabeokay

A few weeks ago, Freeform introduced us to one quirky young Australian man and his two endearing half-sisters. The new sibling comedy, “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay,” follows twenty-something Nicholas, who must care for high schoolers Matilda and Genevieve after their shared father dies. The series, while not amazing, is still a good watch.  

The best part of the show is the characters. Although the show has just started and the characters haven’t done much, they are mostly likeable and interesting.  

Of note are Nicholas’s two half-sisters. Viewers feel sympathetic for the two young girls who just lost their dad and now have to be cared for by young, inexperienced Nicholas. Whereas Matilda is curious, sweet and funny, Genevieve is more introspective, quiet and guarded. I’m interested to see how the girls tackle their problems as the series develops: Matilda, a high school senior who has autism, likes Luke, but she’s worried that she might say or do the wrong thing as she tries to flirt with him. Genevieve, her younger sister, is struggling with the loss of their dad and has some questionable friends, so I’m interested to see how she might grow and branch out on her own.  

Main character Nicholas is also on his way to becoming a more mature version of himself. Right now, he is often portrayed as self-centered, yet well-meaning. He tries to be a fun guardian for his sisters but also realizes that he needs to be serious or tough sometimes.  

The actors themselves are believable and able to evoke emotion from the audience. Kayla Cromer, who plays Matilda, gives an especially genuine performance. Cromer, like Matilda, has autism and has spoken about Hollywood’s lack of neurodiversity. As she herself states in an interview with Elite Daily, she is able to bring authenticity to the character of Matilda. Cromer definitely does a great job bringing Matilda to life in all her quirky, adorable glory and contributes a lot from her own experience to her character.  

In terms of plot, each episode is well-structured, if not always engrossing. Stories are told to completion, and each episode — at least so far — ends with Nicholas and his sisters fast asleep in their father’s bedroom, just like they were when they spent their last night with their father.  

Though plots unfold steadily, the stories aren’t always interesting and characters can make some questionable decisions. For example, in the second episode of the series, Nicholas locks himself out of the house and then breaks his pinky finger when he re-enters through a window. Though you’d think this might be dramatic, it wasn’t that riveting. Nicholas fretted over what to do, and I just wanted him to grow up and take control of the situation.  

No matter the struggles Nicholas and his sisters face, they always lean on each other to pull through the hard times. Although the show is not super exciting all the time, the burst of feel-good energy at the end of each episode will draw you in. 

“Everything’s Gonna Be Okay,” and so will this show. 

Rating: 3.5/5 

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