Best shows to binge before spring semester gets too busy


Here are some of the best series to binge before you absolutely must start doing work.  Photo by     John-Mark Smith     from     Pexels

Here are some of the best series to binge before you absolutely must start doing work. Photo by John-Mark Smith from Pexels

It’s only the second week of the spring semester, and many students are still stuck in lazy, do-nothing winter break mode. And that’s fine if you don’t have a ton of work yet. Stay in break mode for as long as possible: Wear your pajamas, pop some popcorn and sit down with your laptop to watch some shows. Here are some of the best series to binge before you absolutely must start doing work.  

Romance: “Jane the Virgin” 

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This CW show about a 23-year-old virgin who is accidentally artificially inseminated is an English telenovela. After a mishap at the gynecologist’s office, Jane (Gina Rodriguez) discovers that she is pregnant with wealthy, handsome hotel owner Rafael Solano’s baby. Jane must choose whether she wants to be with him or her sweet, caring police officer fiancé Michael Cordero. Other characters are funny, nurturing or deceptive, and relationships between characters weave a tangled web for Jane to navigate. With complex storytelling, plot twists and layered narratives, “Jane the Virgin” has something for everyone. There’s crime, drama, comedy and romance but always a feel-good ending.  

Ensemble dramedy: “Glee”  

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Contrary to its name, “Glee” isn’t always happy. The show deals with some difficult issues that don’t always work out. Its diverse cast of characters go through high school and all its trials and tribulations while trying to outdo each other in the Glee Club run by teacher William Schuester (Matthew Morrison). The Glee kids must contend with social pressure from jocks and cheerleaders as well as doubt from other forces who see the club as pointless, ridiculous or a financial burden. “Glee” features musical performances in all its episodes, and some song and staging choices are interesting for how they relate to characters’ lives.  

Comedy: “New Girl” 

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Fresh off a breakup, spunky teacher Jessica Day (Zoey Deschanel) finds herself the new loftmate of three interesting guys in the pilot episode of this series. There’s the vain and meticulous Schmidt; funny, friendly Winston and stubborn Nick. These three guys, Jess and her friend Cece get into all sorts of crazy adventures that are sure to make viewers laugh. While episodes don’t follow an overarching plot, there are some narrative arcs and romantic relationships that develop between main characters. You’ll laugh at Schmidt’s fussiness, shake your head at Nick’s lazy carelessness and sympathize with Jess as she tries to hold her life together. 

Family drama: “This Is Us” 

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This NBC series has won much praise for its tale of the Pearson family’s saga. What starts out as a romance between returning soldier Jack and singer Rebecca in the ‘70s turns into the story of their surviving two children from a triplet pregnancy and their adopted African American son Randall. At 37-years-old in the present day, Randall is a successful businessman raising his own family with his wife Beth, while his brother Kevin is a famous actor and his sister Kate is still trying to find direction. Writers keep the show interesting by jumping back and forth in time between the present, Jack and Rebecca’s youth, their early days of parenthood, Kate, Kevin and Randall’s teenage years and even glimpses of the future.  

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