Dining Services to expand its social media presence 


The University of Connecticut’s dining services’ publicity and marketing manager Rebecca DesRoches is looking to provide students with information about Dining Services that they want to hear, while also gathering student feedback on what could be improved. 

DesRoches first began working at UConn in March 2019, and she quickly recognized that there could be more communication between Dining Services and the student body. She said she is hoping to determine exactly what the student body wants to know about from Dining Services. 

“Having content will never be an issue but learning what the UConn community wants out of the Dining Services social accounts is what we’re working on,” DesRoches said. “In our fall survey, we included a question asking students what they’d like to see on our social accounts and the answers have been very helpful.” 

From the fall survey, DesRoches said she determined some of the most common requests were information about new menu options, staff profiles and healthy eating tips. While Dining Services’ current social media presence has been based primarily on the presentation of information, DesRoches said they’ll soon be implementing new ideas. 

“For the last few months, content has been mostly informational and keeping our audience up to date with hours, new things happening, specials and events,” DesRoches said. “As I learn more about the 25+ dining operations and what the community wants I’m working on the logistics of new ideas and getting them implementing.” 

DesRoches said that, while Dining Services wants to expand its social media presence with the student body, she recognizes students may not respond well to communication through email. She said they are currently bringing their social media front-and-center, but there is more that they plan to do. 

“In the future, we are looking to add decals with our social accounts at all the dining units and retail locations,” Des Roches said. “We will also give our social accounts more of a presence at summer orientation presentations, tabling and faculty/staff orientations.” 

There are several dining service accounts that can be found on their website, including dining services’ Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Thumbnail photo courtesy of @uconndining on Instagram

Thomas Alvarez is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at thomas.alvarez@uconn.edu. 

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