Cute and quick last-minute date ideas for Valentine’s Day


A photo of a couple on a date for Valentine’s Day. There are plenty of date ideas for you and your significant other below. Photo by   from   Pexels

A photo of a couple on a date for Valentine’s Day. There are plenty of date ideas for you and your significant other below. Photo by from Pexels

With Valentine’s Day landing on a Friday this year, there’s no excuse why you and your significant other can’t celebrate if you want to. Even if you didn’t make big plans, you can still enjoy some of these simple yet exciting date ideas. No matter how you end up celebrating, just remember that it’s always the thought and effort that your date will appreciate when you go out!  

Go somewhere and have fun 

Taking a little adventure every now and then livens things up. Be spontaneous and do something you’ve never done together. Go bowling, roller skating or ice skating. If you’re more adventurous, try indoor rock climbing or go-karts. There’s even indoor mini golf or arcades that you could visit.  

Make a home-cooked meal 

Nothing is more special than sharing a meal you cooked yourself. If you want to make the day special for your partner, you can make their favorite dish for them. If you want to try something new, you and your partner can cook it together and guide each other through any confusing directions. Once you’ve eaten, you can either follow it up with making some sweets together or heading out for some ice cream or frozen yogurt.  


If you have a little more time on your hands, head out to the city and just walk around. Spend the whole day together popping into cafes and other shops, walking through parks and maybe even visiting a museum or seeing a performance. Boston and New York are cool, but local cities and even small towns have a lot to offer. Many Connecticut residents don’t think about it, but Hartford and New Haven have a lot to do, and small towns often have bustling main streets you can check out.  

Have a movie marathon 

If you and your partner are more of the stay-at-home kind of people, spend some time indoors watching your favorite rom-coms or whatever genre you like. Go classic with “When Harry Met Sally”; take the Netflix route with “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You” or “Always Be My Maybe”; or just laugh at Adam Sandler in “The Wedding Singer.” Alternatively, you can finally catch up on the shows you watch together. Pop some popcorn, pull out boxes of movie theater candy and fill up your soda cups for a long session of binge watching.  

Get sweet(s) 

Heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are common gifts on Valentine’s Day, but why not indulge your own sweet tooth? Go to a candy store with your significant other and buy your favorites along with something new or interesting to try. If candy’s not your thing, go to a bakery for some cake, cupcakes or other treats. And if that’s not your thing either, go to an ice cream parlor and get their Valentine’s Day-themed sundae or milkshake.  

Find something to do together 

The most important thing about celebrating Valentine’s Day is that you spend it with those you love. If you’re spending this year’s holiday with a partner and can’t think of anything to do, just do something together that you’ve never done together before. Maybe one of you is a hardcore gym-goer: Take your partner to a class like yoga or Pilates. If one of you is an artist, introduce your partner to your passion by teaching them how to paint or draw. Your partner will be interested to learn more about you, and the best gift you could ever give someone is your time and attention. 

No matter what your style is, enjoy your Valentine’s Day!  

Stephanie Santillo is a senior staff writer for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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