Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are expecting


A photo of Joe Jonas, left, and Sophie Turner. The couple, who officially started dating back in 2017 are expecting their first child together very soon.  @sophiet

A photo of Joe Jonas, left, and Sophie Turner. The couple, who officially started dating back in 2017 are expecting their first child together very soon. @sophiet

It has recently been confirmed that the 24-year-old Game of Thrones star and 30-year-old Jonas Brothers lead singer are expecting their first very soon. The two officially started dating back in 2017, have been married since 2019, and are more than happy about the news of their newest family member. Fans have been raging about the happy news even though they’ve been trying to keep it on the down low. After having been mentioned in new pregnancy rumors, especially after Sophie’s been spotted wearing baggier clothes, the newlyweds aren’t the only ones looking forward to the due date.  

Before they were official, the pair was spotted together in 2016, and fans were curious about how the two they met. Spotted with his arms around the woman who played “Sansa Stark” and “Jean Gray” of the X-Men Dark Phoenix movie at the MTV EMA’s, the media became fascinated by the new couple. Later on when Marie Claire was interviewing Turner, she shared that the two had met through mutual friends. Since then they’ve been inseparable.  

Just last Friday, Sophie Turner was celebrating her 24th birthday alongside Joe, his Instagram post in honor of her special day warming the hearts of many fans. Under the photo of her birthday cake that he posted, he captions it “Happy Birthday to the love of my life. Life is better with you.” 

Though the two had just gotten married twice in 2019, once right after the Billboard Music Awards at a little chapel in Las Vegas, and again in France with more of a formal ceremony and friends/family invited, they don’t feel they are rushing into this. They have been excited for quite a while now.  

According to U.S. Weekly, Turner is due in the middle of summer 2020, yet another source mentions something even more exciting to some fans. A separate source from E News! reveals that she’s actually already four months along now! 

Though they have been looking forward to starting their family for a while now, the Jonas’s wanted to plan their pregnancy for a time that wouldn’t clash with Joe’s tour ending in March 2020. Turner also wanted to have some time in between after their wedding before having kids to get a hold of more acting gigs. The two are thrilled about the timing of their pregnancy. 

As of today, Kevin is the only Jonas Brother who has kids, specifically two girls with his wife Danielle. However, now that all three of the brothers are married, some fans are even thinking ahead about Nick and Priyanka’s future family. When the music video for “Sucker” featuring the three brothers and their wives came out, many were not only happy about seeing the group back together, but they were also happy to see their wives featured in it. When released on February 28th, 2019, their video amassed more than 2 million views. Today the reassembled boy band has a total of 4.54 million subscribers on YouTube. 

In the meantime, many of us will be looking forward to Sophie and Joe’s summer baby. Congratulations to the lovely couple! 

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