What does fashion mean to you?


This week, I’ve decided to roam around campus in search of one of life’s most unanswered questions: What exactly is fashion, and what does it mean for everyone? All right, I may be being a bit dramatic. However, there is always an interesting, eye-opening and unique response from everyone. For many, fashion is more than trying to appeal to others and look cool. Many use fashion as a self-confidence booster or as a way to become anyone they want to be. Others may think fashion is whatever looks clean in the laundry basket. Let’s dive deep into what fashion means for UConn:  


Shelby Houghton, fourth semester political science and human rights major 

“Fashion isn’t just the fabric you decide to wear or the objects you put on to stay warm or cool: It’s a matter of self-expression that makes you feel more like yourself and share yourself with others.” 


Becca Klett, sixth semester communications major  

“I would say, to me, fashion is a way to express yourself and your interests, to experiment with the ways that others view you. If someone never met you and was just passing you on the street, they can create two completely different narratives of who they think you are just based on different outfits. I also think it’s a great way to build confidence!” 


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Javier Varas, second semester economics major  

“Fashion means the ability to be comfortable in your own skin.” 


Katelyn Ariano, fourth semester journalism and Spanish double-major 

“Fashion is a way of speaking without saying a word. You can let your clothes do the talking and express yourself in a way that words just can’t do justice.” 


Alex Leo, fourth semester journalism major 

“Fashion for me is a part of how I come into my own. I started to dress like I do when I started truly becoming my own person. It developed along with my personality.”  


Chloe Macko, fourth semester accounting major  

“To me, fashion is a way for me to feel confident in myself when I put something on that I find visually appealing or just cute. Even when I put comfy clothing on, I sometimes try to make it look fashionable by adding accessories or layering things to make it stand out more.” 


Brandon Barzola, fourth semester English and journalism double-major 

“I would say fashion is a great way for me to express myself and is an important element in how I carry myself.”  


Mike Trecker, fourth semester ACES major 

“Fashion is an expression of your personality and desires.”  


Carrie Epstein, second semester PNB major  

“Fashion in my opinion is a form of expression and experimentation. It’s being able to try different styles and see what resonates with you best and what makes you feel the most confident.”  

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Caroline LeCour is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached by email at caroline.lecour@uconn.edu.

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