G Herbo brings excitement to Brooklyn


When mentioning breakout rappers from Chicago, G Herbo is someone who comes to mind. When he first came onto the scene in 2012, he brought hard-hitting stories about life in Chicago and gun violence. Since then, he made the 2016 XXL Freshman list and has released four mixtapes and four albums. 

G Herbo’s latest tour, the PTSD tour, had a show in Brooklyn, New York at Brooklyn Steel on Feb. 27, a day before his album “PTSD” was released. Brooklyn Steel was the perfect venue for a hip hop show. The sound quality from the speakers was clear, the floor spacing felt comfortable to move around and pricing for concessions felt reasonable for a concert venue. 

Before the show started, the DJ paid tribute to late Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke by playing some of his songs such as “Welcome to the Party” and “Dior.” It was great listening to Pop Smoke’s music in a crowded venue, and it felt respectful that the DJ for G Herbo acknowledged his short career.   

Opening the show was Los Angeles rapper Shaun Sloan. Before the show, I had never heard of Shaun Sloan, but after hearing him perform, he offered some solid lyrics and good production. His stage presence was not the greatest, but he seemed to be committed to rapping all of his verses.  

The next rapper to appear on stage was Lil Loaded. Unlike Sloan’s performance, I was not as impressed with Lil Loaded. His songs felt generic, and I found myself looking at my phone. He wasn’t the worst rapper I’ve ever seen, but not someone I would see again. 

Virginia rapper Pretty Savage also opened for G Herbo, and she was exciting to watch. Her charisma and rapping techniques gave the show energy that had been lost after Lil Loaded performed. The crowd was interested in her performance, and I could see myself seeing Pretty Savage in the future. 

This is a publicity image of rapper G Herbo.  Photo by Almighty Glo via    Flickr

This is a publicity image of rapper G Herbo. Photo by Almighty Glo via Flickr

The final opener before G Herbo was Chicago rapper King Von. He was the best opening act of the show. His song “2 AM” was amazing live, and he was the only act the crowd was hyped to see. His stage presence was great as he was able to hype up the crowd while also not getting out of control. 

When G Herbo finally came on stage, it was well worth the wait. The stage set up was very creative. G Herbo entered hanging upside down from a bar. To his right was a wall that said PTSD, and there was a window made to look like a prison cell. His opening song “Can’t Sleep” was a great way to start the show as it not only hyped me up, but it had everyone in the crowd jumping up and down. 

G Herbo surprised the audience when he brought out Bronx rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie to perform the song “Glass in the Face.” Seeing A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie was a great surprise since almost no one in the audience saw it coming. G Herbo also brought out Brooklyn rapper Fabolous to perform a couple of songs, and that was amazing. 

If there is one part about G Herbo’s performance that could be highlighted, it would be his rapping. Not once did he rely on a backing track to rap certain parts of a song. He also signed autographs on sneakers that were handed to him during the show. G Herbo’s commitment to connecting with his audience is something I wish more rappers would attempt.  

After leaving the show, the only thing that left me feeling empty was how G Herbo didn’t perform more songs. It would have been nice to see him rap tracks like “Wilt Chamberlain” or “Computers” but it was still worth seeing G Herbo perform solid songs and making the audience hyped. 

Final Rating: 4.5/5 

Ian Ward is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at ian.ward@uconn.edu.

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