LCK Delayed due to Coronavirus Concerns


LPL to return through online play, as LCK goes on indefinite hiatus 

Starting on March 9, the League of Legends Pro League, or LPL, which is China’s main league, will return to the Spring Split in an online format. The league has been on an indefinite hiatus since its Chinese New Year break, following the coronavirus outbreak, which had led many to wonder if they would have a Spring Split at all. The league, which plays every day of the week, will now be playing three best-of-3s just about every day in order to get all of its games in time, which is an exhausting schedule.  

Of course, nothing good can come without negatives. Inven Global reported on Monday that the LCK will soon be on indefinite hiatus. The LCK’s delay is not necessarily a surprise; the number of coronavirus cases in South Korea has been rising. However, before this week, it had seemed that the league might manage to keep going. But on Monday, it was announced that the LCK would be indefinitely suspended due to the rising outbreak. The league will finish playing through the March 6 games, which mark the end of the first round robin, before the hiatus. If the situation in Korea does not improve soon, it seems likely that they may have to resort to online games like the LPL is. 

Team Liquid bouncing back  

When Doublelift tweeted that he would be unable to play this week as he had laryngitis, it seemed like another blow to the already struggling Team Liquid. The team was forced to play their academy bot laner, Tactical, in place of the legendary player. It seemed likely that the week would be another step back for the North American Champions for the last four splits. But following great performances from midlaner Jensen and jungler Broxah, as well as very solid games from the other three players, the team managed to haul themselves to victory over both TSM and 100Ts.  

Going into Week 7, Team Liquid will need to prove that they can keep this form. This is especially true if Doublelift returns to play this week. If he struggles like he has so far this season, many fans might begin to wonder whether it would be smarter for the team to use Tactical. But if Team Liquid, which is currently just two games out of first place, succeeds? They have a clear chance to make playoffs, perhaps even to secure a bye.  

Europe remains a tight race 

While G2 remains tied for No. 1 in Europe, it continues to be a close contest. G2, Fnatic and Origen remain tied for No. 1 at 9-3, while Misfits has fallen back to 8-4 after a loss to Fnatic. With only three weeks remaining and seven teams in decent position, as the lowest of the top seven Excel boasting a 6-6 record, it seems that it’s going to be a fight all the way through the end to determine which six teams are going to make playoffs. As the defending cha mpions of that tournament, G2 is going to want another shot at that trophy, but Fnatic and Origen look to stand in their way.  

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