What To Pack: Spring break fashion tips  


Spring break is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to brainstorm what to bring with you. Yes, that’s right: This is the year of not waiting until the night before to stuff everything you own into a small suitcase. Nothing is worse than lugging some type of real-but-also-metaphorical-stress-baggage to your spring break getaway. Therefore, I’ve compiled a check list of pieces and articles of clothing essential for a risk and wardrobe malfunction free vacation.  


Bucket Bags for all your day-long-venture needs 

Something about the bucket bag has made it a timeless, durable and dual-purpose piece that is perfect to drag along on your spring break. Use yours as a makeshift beach tote for chilling by the pool or shore; just make sure you don’t bring any sand along with you. At night, the bucket bag is just getting started, as you can bring it along to any fancy dinner or bar-hop.  


Swapping Beach and Dinner attire 

Spring break is all about letting loose and doing some crazy things while you’re on vacation for a change — so why not do the same with your clothes! One way I pack lightly is by using specific clothes for multiple purposes. Packing an oversized collared shirt can be tucked into jeans and loosely buttoned for a “Call Me By Your Name,” “I’m chilling in Milan, Italy” vibe, or can be also used as a fashionable cover up! Packing a colorful one-piece can easily be used as a bodysuit under a pair of shorts or pants.  


Good pair of fancy shoes   

Make sure to snag a good pair of sandals, heels or dress shoes before you head off on your adventure. Every vacation has got to have at least one good splurge/dinner night, when these will come in handy. Just make sure they’re comfortable to walk in, in case you end up trailing off the beaten path afterwards!  


A dress that would make Sophie from “Mamma Mia!” jealous 

A long, light and flowy dress is essential to any get-away. Dresses can make any cramped situation comfortable, especially on transportation in-between your day trips. It’s also a way to keep cool without having your legs stick to subway seats, as they would with shorts. Dresses can also be layered with an unbuttoned overshirt to make things a little casual and warmer if need be.  


Accessories that will make your vacation 

On vacation, the key is to pack light. Therefore it’s a bit trickier to pull off an epic outfit without your whole wardrobe in front of you. Accessories don’t add too much weight to your carry-on, while turning your outfit  from one to 100 real quick. On a bad hair day, use a pair of sunglasses as a sort of headband or hair-clip, to keep yours out of your face while also adding another dimension of “I am the CEO of sunny weather” to your outfit. Use a scarf as a headband as well as another shirt for a hot day or wrapped around your shoulders; Martha Stewart would be proud.  


Caroline LeCour is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached by email at caroline.lecour@uconn.edu.

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