Lady Gaga returns with ‘Stupid Love’


On Feb. 28, Lady Gaga released the music video for her newest hit single “Stupid Love,” the song that went viral on Twitter since its leak in January. After the two-year wait for her next single after “I Will Always Love You” back in 2018, “Stupid Love” has fans talking.  

Not only were fans excited about the release of her video, but they were also fascinated by the fact that the entire film was shot on the iPhone 11 Pro. The video was featured in advertisements for Apple on Youtube and elsewhere over the past few days.  

“Amazingly, the video looks as if it was filmed with a professional camera setup so it’s a huge testament to the powerful 12-megapixel camera on the phone,” said Paul Fogarty of HITC Entertainment, 

For many it was exciting to think that the popular singer-songwriter was able to create this video on something available to the masses. However, the involvement of the iPhone 11 Pro is not the only thing exciting about the video. People are also talking about the work that went into creating the intricate costumes and makeup featured in the video.  

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“In the video we see Gaga performing with a group of dancers while wearing a custom pink latex set by Vex Clothing,” Fogarty said. “[She’s also wearing] a silver O-ring choker by Funk Plus, a custom spike and chain belt by Bitchfist NYC and a flat version of Stack-301 raspberry-pink boots by Pleaser Shoes.” 

This, however, is not the only fun look of hers in the video. Gaga also takes on two other looks and has blue, yellow, pink, red and green tribes, aka her dancers, vibing alongside her. Her other two looks can be described as her “Power Ranger-esque intergalactic dream” look and her “Metallic Magenta Bikini” according to Sabrina Barr of Independent. More info on Gaga’s accessories and overall look can also be found at La Maison Gaga, a celebrity fashion website dedicated to her. 

Director Daniel Askill also revealed some of Gaga’s thoughts on the meaning behind the video. Apparently, Gaga intended for there to be a metaphor involving the inclusion of these color tribes that dance with her.  

“When the video first came to me, it was in the form of a voicemail from Gaga. She spoke about these seven warring tribes as a metaphor for the state of the world today –– that’s what hooked me. She was interested in trying to bring across this message of peace and coming together and putting our differences aside,” Askill said. More on her Gaga’s inspiration can be found via James Patrick Herman of Variety.  

After the video dropped on Friday at midnight, the video has amassed 4.2 million views. Gaga fans are hailing this as her return to the “Bad Romance” days. Fans are even more excited about the Chromatica Ball tour dates released by Gaga. Until then, if you haven’t seen the video for “Stupid Love” yet, you should check it out. Happy listening! 

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