UConn students take a quack at the Student Union Duck Hunt


A photo of multiple unique rubber ducks. The fourth annual Duck Hunt occurred on March 11 in the Student Union.  @uconnstudentunion

A photo of multiple unique rubber ducks. The fourth annual Duck Hunt occurred on March 11 in the Student Union. @uconnstudentunion

On Wednesday, March 11, students took to the halls of the Student Union for the fourth annual Duck Hunt.  

Student Union staff placed rubber ducks around the building for students to find and trade in for prizes. Jamie Larkin, the Information Center manager at the Student Union and one of the organizers of the Duck Hunt, explained the Duck Hunt is an annual event the Union staff puts on for students. 

“The duck hunt is just an annual event that the Student Union likes to put on,” Larkin said. “We usually try to do it around midterms and around spring break as a fun little … come by the Union, get some free stuff, just a fun event.” 

The prizes students could receive ranged from water bottles to t-shirts to stuffed huskies. Samantha Ballas, a fourth-semester psychology and allied health major, got a pair of socks from the event.  

Tiara Addison-Vick, a fourth-semester accounting major, said she just happened to be in the Union while the Duck Hunt was happening and got a prize as a result.  

“Someone just gave me a duck,” Addison-Vick said. “I turned mine in and I got a water bottle. It was cool.” 

Larkin said the staff put out hundreds of ducks throughout the day.  

“By the end of the day, a thousand ducks will have been put out in the Union,” said Larkin. “We started out with an initial bunch, and then every half hour, at quarter of and quarter after, there’s a new set of ducks. They’re going up throughout the day, so it wasn’t a first come, first serve thing.” 

Crystal Yumbla, a fourth-semester psychology major, got a t-shirt from the event. Yumbla said she heard about the event from her friends.  

“My friend showed me her duck this morning in class,” Yumbla said. “Then I saw some at the Union and my friend gave one to me. It was fun.” 

Larkin explained that the Duck Hunt actually started as an egg hunt.  

“This is the fourth year of the way the Duck Hunt is done now,” Larkin said. “In years before, we’ve done a spring Egg Hunt — a couple years ago, probably about 10 years ago or so. But we reinvented it four years ago.” 

When asked why the Student Union puts on the Duck Hunt, Larkin said it was just for fun.  

“Why not?” Larkin said. “Just for fun. To get people in the building. We put them on all four floors so people can see the Union and kind of get familiar with it. It’s just kind of for fun. It boosts student morale and it’s free stuff.” 

Grace McFadden is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at grace.mcfadden@uconn.edu.

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