Breaking: President Thomas Katsouleas turns to federal government for emergency funds


University of Connecticut President Thomas Katsouleas is turning to the federal government for emergency relief in order to recover from $50 to $110 million in projected revenue lost to the school as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. He also mentioned a projected $101 to $172 million loss in clinical revenue to UConn Health.

In a letter obtained by The Daily Campus to the members of the Connecticut Congressional delegation, according to University Spokesperson Stephanie Reitz on March 20, Katsouleas has asked for Congress to provide relief to universities, including UConn.

“Without federal assistance, UConn does not have the means to recoup these losses,” the letter reads. “Raising tuition and fees to the level needed would be untenable for our students and their families, and state support of this magnitude may simply be not possible. With a relatively small and restricted (by donor agreements) endowment, the University has nowhere else to turn.”

The university is projecting losses in the tens of millions due to potential student reimbursements, projected at $29 million, reduced international student enrollment and event cancellations. He also noted that if the COVID-19 virus extends into the fall, UConn could face $70 million in losses.

The letters also mentions the need for UConn Health to function with a reliable income stream so that they can “maintain an adequate work force, buy critical supplies, create additional infrastructure, and keep their doors open to care for patients and their communities during this emergency.”

Katsouleas also mentioned a projected $52.3 million revenue loss to UConn Health in FY21.

This story was corrected to note that the letter was sent to each member of the Connecticut delegation, according to University Spokesperson Stephanie Reitz.

Mike Mavredakis  is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at and tweets @MMavredakis.

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