5 Seconds of Summer returns with ‘CALM’


The album cover for ‘CALM.’ ‘CALM” was released on March 27th.  @5sos

The album cover for ‘CALM.’ ‘CALM” was released on March 27th. @5sos

5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS), the Australian rock-pop boy band consisting of Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin and Michael Clifford, returns to the spotlight with their fourth studio album, “CALM.” 

Hemmings, lead singer of the group, shared with the New York Post that the album was named using the first letters of the members’ first names. This album was also an ode to fans who supported the band in their early days. The band also noted on Twitter that this album is “the most honest version” of themselves. 

The 12 track album released on March 27 serves as a positive light to fans during the current health crisis.  The first single released from this album was “Easier.” With over 200 million streams on Spotify, this comeback song is bass-heavy with a hard rock influence which makes it addicting to listen to. I do not gravitate towards rock music, but “Easier” was definitely added to my everyday playlist. 

“Best Years,” the seventh track, is my favorite from the album. 

“The song is a beautiful love note — something I felt I needed to get off my chest. That’s the best way songwriting can be: Cathartic,” Hemmings told Apple Music

What makes this track so beautiful are the nostalgic lyrics that are reminiscent of laughs and late night conversations with friends. Even though the meaning behind the lyrics is dedicated to a lover, I get flashbacks to the best years of my life, which is the joy I need to get me through this tough time. 

Another favorite is “Old Me,” the fourth track off the studio album. This song features lead vocals from Hemmings and Hood with instrumentals from the rest of the band. Singer and producer Watt joined the band in co-writing this single. This song definitely makes you reflect on your past self. The band sings about their rise to fame at a young age and all the good and bad that came with it. 

“Shout out to the old me and everything you showed me / Glad you didn’t listen when the world was trying to slow me,” sets the tone for the rest of the song. The boys salute their younger selves in “Old Me,” thanking them for getting past the negativity and owning up to mistakes. If you need a pick-me-up song for those days where you’re feeling low, give this song a listen. 

The boy band has matured since their 2018 album, “Youngblood.” If I had to choose a flaw with this album it’s that the majority of the songs have the same sound. Most of the songs are about learning from mistakes or about love. The repetitiveness tempted me to press the skip button. “CALM” is a relaxed version of “Youngblood” with more acoustic sounds and I appreciate the meaningful lyrics. I also appreciate that all members contributed to this album, either vocally or instrumentally. It shows that 5SOS put all their efforts into producing an album for the fans. 

Other favorites:

  • “No Shame”

  • “Not In The Same Way”

  • “Lover Of Mine”

  • “High”

Rate: 4/5

Cindy Lam is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached at cindy.lam@uconn.edu.

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