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The Daily Campus Sports staff takes a trip down memory lane to discuss their favorite stadium foods.  Photo by    call me hangry 🇫🇷    on    Unsplash

The Daily Campus Sports staff takes a trip down memory lane to discuss their favorite stadium foods. Photo by call me hangry 🇫🇷 on Unsplash

We’ve now hit a month since professional and collegiate sports started to feel the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. While we remain grateful for those caring for the ill, the doctors who continue to research the virus and those who are doing what they can to keep us healthy, we miss sports. So, this week, the DC Sports staff takes a trip down memory lane to discuss its favorite stadium foods, from cracker jacks and helmets full of ice cream to three-foot-long hotdogs and everything in between.

Conner Gilson, Staff Writer

“Brat-in-a-Blanket”  Photo courtesy of    sizzlingeats.com

“Brat-in-a-Blanket” Photo courtesy of sizzlingeats.com

When people think of stadium foods, their mind understandably goes to ballparks, where you can’t go 10 seconds without hearing a vendor yelling at the top of their lungs for you to buy their food. But as soon as I heard what we were writing about this week, my mind went straight to Green Bay, Wisconsin and their signature dish, cheese curds. And if those fried balls of cheddar cheese weren’t already enough to get your mouth watering, at Lambeau Field they’ve created a masterpiece called the “Brat-in-a-Blanket.” The ingredients are simple: Bratwurst wrapped in cheese curds, placed in a warm pretzel bun and topped off with beer mustard, but it tastes amazing. The brat-in-a-blanket puts any regular hot dog, no matter how nostalgic, to shame and is without a doubt the best stadium food I have ever had.

Kevin Arnold, Associate Sports Editor

Like Conner said, many people will see this topic and immediately think of ballparks, which is exactly what I did. I’m not sure if it’s because of the time of year or what, but there’s something about going to a baseball game and digging out the best food around. As a Mets fan and an avid Citi Field go-er, there are a lot of options. The Mets play in one of MLB’s newer ballparks (opened in 2009) and have plenty to choose from as the menu grows each season. But, through all the fancy burgers and even a sit-down restaurant in left field, nothing quite beats the classics in my book. I feel the most at home with a solid hot dog in one hand and a way-too-expensive beer in the other. Give me ice cream in a plastic batting helmet with sprinkles in the sixth inning or so and I’m happy as can be. If you head to New York’s other ballpark in the Bronx, however, nothing will beat a Lobel’s steak sandwich. It’s $16 well spent.

Jorge Eckardt, Staff Writer

Like Kevin, my mind immediately goes to Citi Field where there are more options than you could possibly eat, even if you went to all 81 home games. It was hard for me to pick, debating in my head between a couple of options. The Nathan’s chicken tenders and crinkle-cut fries are always good, if you get there right as the gates open Shake Shack is a great option and I rarely go a game without getting a twist with sprinkles in a helmet — though it hasn’t quite been the same since they switched to Mister Softee from Carvel. However, in somewhat of a recent discovery for me, I always go with a classic pastrami sandwich. In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it stand along the third base line, there is the most spectacular pastrami sandwich I have ever had. I mean, just look at these pictures of it posted on Twitter about a year ago. To die for.

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