Letter to the Editor: #PledgeToStayHome


You have the power to save lives. You can save your parents’ lives, your friends’ lives, and your neighbors’ lives. Right now it’s easier than ever to do so, by just doing one simple task, staying home. I #PledgeToStayHome because I have the power to flatten the curve, and you should too, now more than ever. On March 31st, the White House projected 100,000 to 240,000 deaths in the United States from the coronavirus if current social distancing guidelines are to continue as they are.

I feel a little frustrated over this because as I stay inside my house I still see people on social media going out, and I know this feeling is shared amongst everyone who does stay at home. I call upon everyone who’s staying at home to do one more thing, encourage others to do the same. If possible share on social media and let it be known you took the #PledgeToStayHome. Go onto studentpirgs.org/pledge to sign and share your pledge to stay home. These are unprecedented times and we must do all that it takes to ensure as few deaths as possible and a quick return to normal life.

David Vallejo


Political Science’23


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