Turning to poetry at times of anxiety 


Hello friends, happy Friday! I’m so proud of you all for making it through another week despite the health and social issues that continue to linger. On Wednesday, I wrote about why poetry is so beautiful and important in times like these. If you are someone who knows how to get started but has no idea what to write about, then today will be a treat. I am going to give you a few prompts that may get you going.

Of course, you don’t have to follow these suggestions; Poetry is what you make it. But if you’d like to, here are a few example prompts you can use: Write about the quarantine, what makes you happy, a nice memory you think back to frequently, a friend, your family member, your favorite season or even write to get closure from something you haven’t been able to forget.

Use these topics however you see fit. I won’t give you a full excerpt because I want you all to take these phrases in any direction you would like. These sentence starters should be enough to hold you over for a few days. I hope that during this quarantine you all stay safe and give poetry a try.

Before I conclude, I wanted to explain the poem below. The title of this poem is “Clouds Interlude.” In this poem I wrote about finding strength through seasons of sadness. We may feel defeated time and time again and let out a few tears or change our mood completely. Your feelings will always be valid, but don’t let your negative feelings dictate the way you operate. Enjoy, and happy National Poetry Month!

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Turning to poetry at times of anxiety

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