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If you’re anything like our writers, then being stuck at home without sports probably has you pretty bored. While the sports world remains halted as we fight this pandemic, the DC sports staff has been getting its sports fix via video games. From “Madden” and “2k” to “Backyard Baseball” and all the others, our writers leave their takes on their favorite sports video games of the bunch.

Danny Barletta, Staff Writer

I don’t play video games too much anymore, but back when I did, I was a huge “MLB The Show” fan. I owned every “MLB The Show” game from ‘07 to ‘14, when I switched to Xbox, and no game after that ever lived up to “The Show.” Road to the Show mode was my absolute favorite. I loved creating my player and having him work all the way through the minors to become an MLB star. Franchise mode was awesome too, where you could control all aspects of your team and build a championship dynasty through drafting, free agents and trades. “The Show” had the best graphics and most realistic gameplay of any sports video game in my opinion. Honestly, I might dig out my old PS3 and play one for old time’s sake.

David Sandoval, Campus Correspondent

If there’s any video game series I think everyone’s played at least once, it’s “FIFA.” My favorite isn’t out of the annual releases, but rather the World Cup renditions; specifically the “2010 FIFA World Cup.” I only had the Wii version, which was much different than the Xbox 360 or PS3 versions. While it had the basic kick off and online modes, one mode that was unique was Zakumi’s Dream Team (Zakumi being the mascot of the tournament.) In the mode, you would play against a group of countries out of the 32 that get harder as you progress, in which there are gold, silver and bronze challenges. You beat the countries and, depending if you complete all three challenges, you’re able to select one person out of a select few from the opposing side to bring into yours. I immediately remember getting frustrated because I couldn’t beat Brazil, who were in the second-highest group, and it’s a bit shameful that modes like this don’t exist in the current “FIFAs.”

Sean Janos, Staff Writer

Basketball is my favorite sport (I like the way they dribble up and down the court), so I would say “NBA 2K” is my favorite video game if it was in any way a well-made game. But it isn’t. So I’m going with the best-made sports video game, “Rocket League.” I’ve put so many hours into it over the years, and this high-flying car soccer game has stolen my heart. Of course I still play “NBA 2K,” but the disgusting animations and should-be green releases that end up being sad bricks have turned me away from it. In “Rocket League,” all of the animations and bounces (usually) make total sense. I understand they’re both video games and by nature are unrealistic, but the physics of “Rocket League” are as close to perfect as I’ve seen in a game. There’s no better feeling than going up for an aerial goal with full boost, beating the defender to it and scoring. “Rocket League” simply just rips.

Conner Gilson, Staff Writer

Sure, “2K,” “Madden,” “FIFA” and “The Show” are undoubtedly up there when it comes to best video games, but for me, there’s nothing better than a game that lets you play the sport you love while also relentlessly beating your opponent to a pulp. That’s why my top pick has to be “Super Mario Strikers.” It has it all: Classic Mario characters, the grace and ball movement from “FIFA” and, most importantly, the hit stick from “Madden” that sends whoever you are playing sprawling across the field. The items keep you on your toes, the super strikes add a bit of personal flair to each character (and count for two goals) and the celebrations are unmatched. This is one of the few games I find myself going back to when I need something to play other than “2K” or “FIFA” and something I’ll continue to play until my GameCube no longer functions.

Kevin Arnold, Associate Sports Editor

It may not be the best game ever made, or even my current favorite, but EA Sports “Triple Play 2002” for PS2 has too much nostalgia for me not to mention. With Luis Gonzales from the Diamondbacks on the cover and Harold Reynolds as one of the announcers, it was the first real sports game I remember playing and boy did I have fun. As a ‘98 baby I don’t think I really touched it until 2005 or so when I became a die-hard Mets fan (tough choice there). I would only play as the Mets — wearing the black uniforms every time — and crushing home runs with Mike Piazza never got old. I do admit to telling my sister, who was five at the time, to toss fastballs down the middle with Pedro Martinez, but that’s another story. Al Leiter must’ve thrown 1,000 innings for me because I don’t think I touched the bullpen much. I was just worried about hitting dingers.

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