UConn Dining Services donates 7,500 pounds of food to Foodshare


University of Connecticut Dining Services donated 7,500 pounds of food to Foodshare, an organization designed to address hunger in Hartford and Tolland counties.

This is not Dining Services’ first donation to Foodshare, though it is certainly the largest. Rob Landolphi, culinary operations manager of dining services, said they have been regularly donating to both Foodshare and The Covenant Soup Kitchen for over 12 years.

“Dining services normally donates food to Foodshare twice a year, once after the first semester (December) just before winter break, and the second time at the end of the second semester (May) just before summer break,” Landolphi said.

Dining services’ typical donation per semester is around 1,500 to 2,000 pounds, Landolphi said. These donations consist of perishable foods that would not have been used by dining services before their expiration. This semester’s donation from dining services was much higher due to the number of students remaining on campus dropping greatly due to the shift to distance learning.

“Because of the sudden decision to extend the spring break and not allow students back on campus because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were left with an abundance of food that would have normally been used to feed our students,” Landolphi said. “We always freeze what we can first, and then anything that is perishable we donate to Foodshare.”

Landolphi stressed Dining Services’ commitment to assisting the community in times of crisis, and he encouraged students who are interested in volunteering to reach out to both Foodshare and The Covenant Soup Kitchen for ways to get involved.

Thumbnail photo courtesy of @foodshare on Twitter.

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