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The first night I ever spent in Connecticut was the day I moved into UConn. Before then, the state was just the area between New York and Boston, and it kind of still is. And that’s okay. One of my friends called it “close to everything but far from everything,” and that’s pretty much on point. But I didn’t go there for Connecticut (should be saying here, but I’m not there anymore), I went there for UConn. 

My parents helped me move my stuff to Windham in North dorms, hugged and kissed me goodbye and suddenly I was a college student. My roommate was a traditional Connecticut UConn lifer — both of his parents had gone there, and his siblings and himself followed suit. They took me to Huskies for my first Storrs meal, marking both my first UConn experience and the only time I’ve ever been completely sober in Huskies. The cluster of us, myself the black sheep, walked back to North, and left the two of us in our closet of a living space. Not long after, I put on my headphones and started the three-year soundtrack to my college life. 

Every single day since I moved in has had some soundtrack to it. According to Spotify, I’ve listened to two to three hours of music on average every day since then, and that’s not including secondary audio apps like Soundcloud, Bandcamp or YouTube — let alone podcasts. Each day was a different charcuterie of tunes based on a number of different factors: what was popular at the time, what I had heard at a party or tailgate, who I had seen in concert recently or things my friends made that I wanted to throw a stream to. Tomorrow’s mix could be night and day to today’s. In a way, my ethos with the music I listened to translated to how I took on UConn, pressing myself to try new things that I wouldn’t ordinarily do. That’s kind of how I found The Daily Campus; although I’ve always considered myself a skilled writer, journalism was never something I thought of as a potential passion. 

And here I am, finishing my senior column about one of my favorite things in life. Crazy how that works, isn’t it? But I’m not here to write about this chaos hurricane that calls itself a newspaper — I’ll write about that next week for my senior column. I’m here to write about music, or at least that’s what this is supposed to be. 

To write about any specific piece of music at all for my “epilogue” to this column — which in typical “The Undertow” fashion, is a tremendously pretentious title for a final piece — wouldn’t make much sense. I can’t summarize my UConn experience with a single song. I’ve never written about any specific “UConn-centric” piece of music. I don’t even know our fight song. No, the soundtrack of my three years at this cow pasture that prides itself on basketball and puppetry is the thousands of pieces of music that fit together to form the background noise of everything I’ve done here. And I can’t believe I got the chance to write about some of it.

I don’t know what I’m going to do after this, but I know it probably won’t be better than being paid to write about music. Writing this column has been a dream come true, and I’m going to miss it very much. 

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