Thirsty Thursday: Celebrating finals week and the end of the semester


Although this spring semester may not have ended the way we expected it to, and finishing up classes from home looks a bit different for everyone, there is still plenty of reason to celebrate. We are in the midst of an unprecedented world event; as the country and university transitioned online, we all made adjustments to work from home while maintaining a safe social distance. The Class of 2020 and everyone else in school right now should be extremely proud of themselves for balancing all their different responsibilities this spring. So, as the last few days of classes come to a close, as finals approach and with (virtual) commencement on the horizon, here’s a recipe to ring in our last Thirsty Thursday together.

It’s been a rough semester, drink up everyone (who’s legal). Gold bottles.  Photo courtesy of Jared Carrabis on    Twitter

It’s been a rough semester, drink up everyone (who’s legal). Gold bottles. Photo courtesy of Jared Carrabis on Twitter

A Toast to Spring 2020


One bottle of champagne

This is a complicated recipe so bear with me here, folks. Make sure you chill your bottle of champagne (a cheap bottle will do the trick). If you want a classic geyser effect, don’t let the champagne chill for too long, as you’ll need the sparkling wine to be a bit more pressurized. Use a wine key or other sharp object to cut off the foil below the large lip of the bottle. Cut an even, clean line so the cork and cage are exposed. 

Use a napkin or towel to dry off the outside of the bottle if it was chilling, then fold the same towel over the cage. This acts as a safety measure when opening the champagne — you don’t want anyone losing an eye from the cork or ensuing festivities. Hold the bottle away from you at a 45 degree angle. Untwist the cage using a counterclockwise motion. Once the cage is loosened, twist the bottle (not the cork) in order to better control how fast the cork leaves the bottle as pressure builds. Once you hear the long-anticipated “pop,” pour the bubbly immediately into your favorite glasses. Or chug, depending on what you need based on the end of your semester (sharing is optional). Cheers!

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