Point/Counterpoint: Who was the better editor?


At the end of this tumultuous school year, the sports section is losing two vital members: Sports Editor Andrew Morrison and Associate Sports Editor Kevin Arnold. Both of these guys have done a terrific job leading the section, especially during some unforeseen difficult times.

Associate Sports Editor Kevin Arnold, left, and Sports Editor Andrew Morrison, right, with incoming Sports Editor Danny Barletta.  Photo provided by authors.

Associate Sports Editor Kevin Arnold, left, and Sports Editor Andrew Morrison, right, with incoming Sports Editor Danny Barletta. Photo provided by authors.

As their replacements for next year, we will send Andrew and Kevin out in classic Daily Campus Sports fashion: with a point/counterpoint where we will get to the bottom of the question “Who was the better editor?”

Danny Barletta:

I’m going to say that Andrew was the better editor because he had more on his plate. Of course, he didn’t always do everything that was on his plate. But aside from forgetting to fill out off-campus activity forms and nearly costing the section a bunch of money in gas and parking reimbursements, I think Andrew did a heck of a job. He may have some garbage sports takes as a Yankees and Giants fan (I mean come on, does anybody else honestly think the Yankees have the best uniforms in sports?), but unlike Dave Gettleman, Andrew is actually good at his job. He was easy-going, accessible to everyone through a quick text and very flexible with the budget if someone had to move a column. Kevin was good, but not as good as Andrew.

Conner Gilson

I was going to start this one off by saying at least Kevin has better taste in pro teams, but seeing as he likes the Cowboys we’re really not off to a great start. It’s a good thing Andrew was easy to reach over text because the kid was so quiet during meetings it was tough to get anything out of him besides the occasional ear-splintering laugh that would wake the whole section up. Kev was the one leading the meetings, reading the insanely long budgets, sending the emails and making sure the business got done so he could make it back to his room in time to watch his Cowboys lose their Sunday night game (again). He was easy to reach, always ready to help out and it was clear he wanted the best for the section, so my nod goes to Kev on this one. Shoutout Andrew for being loyal to the Nets though I respect that.


If being able to read at a third-grade level in order to recite the budget is the only requirement for being a good editor, then I think we’re both a little overqualified. But Kevin was good at reading, I’ll give him that. That was essentially his only duty, though, because he left all the hard parts of the job to Andrew. Now for the life of me, I can’t think of what those hard parts could have been, but I’m sure they were there. I can’t defend Andrew’s choice of teams, but at least he isn’t dying on the “Kyrie Irving is a good teammate” hill like Kevin, which automatically deducts him a few points. Andrew also finessed his way onto the coveted men’s basketball beat for two consecutive years, and that is the work of a legend. If I remember correctly, he actually wrote some really good stories while on that beat as well, so he is the obvious choice in my opinion.


You want to talk about being deducted a few points, I pretty much lost all respect for Andrew when he revealed he wasn’t a fan of the world famous “Grandma’s Cookies” they give writers at the XL Center. Not only does Kevin like these cookies like any normal human would, but he also dedicated one edition of his weekly column just to tell the world how good they are. Andrew would never. I’m also thinking the reason you can’t come up with the hard parts of Andrew’s job is because there aren’t any that he was relegated to do besides getting refunds for gas (and we know how that went). The two worked as a team on the important tasks while Kevin took the lead on the smaller but equally important things. Don’t get me wrong Andrew did (almost) everything right and was an amazing writer, but if we’re talking who contributed more to the job it’s gotta be Kevin. 

In all seriousness, both Andrew and Kevin killed it this year as the sports editor cohort. They earned the jobs with all their hard work over their time at the DC, and they proved they were fit for the roles. The meetings were always fun, and the section accomplished a lot of great things this year under their leadership. We really enjoyed working with Andrew and Kevin over the past couple of years, and they will be missed. If we can fill their roles next year even half as well as they did, it will be an accomplishment. Thanks for everything guys. We wish you nothing but the best in your bright futures.

Danny Barletta is the sports editor for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at daniel.barletta@uconn.edu. He tweets @dbars_12.

Conner Gilson is the associate sports editor for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at conner.gilson@uconn.edu. He tweets @connergilson03.

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