Statement regarding the recent protests


Last week, George Floyd was killed by a Minnesota police officer knelt on his neck for over eight minutes. Since then, we have witnessed people in cities across the world protest the systemic mistreatment of the Black community by our justice system, especially the police. In Connecticut, protests have occurred in Hartford, Manchester, Stamford, New Haven, Waterbury and more, and it’s not stopping any time soon. We stand with UConn students and alumni who have shown incredible strength, dedication and organization in their efforts toward protesting the injustices Black people face in this country.

UConn is composed of a diverse coalition of students experiencing these events in different ways and through different channels. It is as important as ever that we are all informed of the facts of our present nationwide crisis as well as the experiences of our students here. Only through this understanding can we work together towards a better world.

In this way, The Daily Campus has power as a student newspaper to report accurately,  responsibly and empathetically on these issues. We are committed to hearing and presenting the stories of the Black community at UConn. We are committed to following the protests in our state, giving an accurate view as to the movements led and made up of our students and alumni. And we are committed to keeping ourselves accountable as we understand how best to report on the tension present at our university, our state and our country. This accountability extends to both the current events we face as well as all our reporting in the future.

At The Daily Campus, we are all deeply passionate about serving our UConn community. Our members are invested in sharing the stories of our fellow students. And so, to do that, we must first listen.

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