The Jewish Experience


My heart is torn as I write this. As a Jewish person I’m struggling between having white privilege and also belonging to a group of marginalized and oppressed people. I think of when someone yelled at my friend to “go back to the ovens”. When a swastika was found in the snow outside Laurel Hall. When the University’s Fall Career fair was held on a major Jewish holiday. When Linda Sarsour, a continuous supporter of Louis Farrakhan Sr., was supposed to come to campus. Why is it always the responsibility of Jews to change their Facebook profiles announcing they’re combating antisemitism? Why is it always other Jews tweeting about their experience of antisemitism? Why is it only Jews signing petitions to remove offensive students from campus? Why is it only Jews shouting into an empty void? All of you social justice warriors are anti-Nazi until it’s time to be pro-Jew. I can hear your silence. Why aren’t you condemning all racism? You cannot pick and choose when it fits your agenda because then you will always leave Jews out. If your activism isn’t intersectional, it isn’t really activism.

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