Huskies land 2021 four-star recruit Rahsool Diggins


After announcing his commitment to UConn via Instagram last night, Philadelphia-native Rahsool Diggins is the latest four-star recruit to join Dan Hurley’s influx of incredible talent. The young guard joins an already impressive list of players added under Hurley and is the first 2021 recruit to join the Huskies.

“I just felt like it was a great fit,” Diggins said. “It hit all the right places — not too far from home, great coach, great atmosphere, great players with me, great history, and I feel like they’ve been honest with me from the beginning.”

Diggins, a 6-foot-1 guard, will complete his senior year at Archbishop Wood High School before joining the likes of James Bouknight, Jalen Gaffney and R.J. Cole in an already stacked Huskies backcourt.

During his junior year, the No. 54 ranked player in the country earned the 2020 Philadelphia Catholic League Player of the Year, averaging 20.3 points, 4.8 assists and 5.3 rebounds in 25 games. Diggins also received offers from Kansas, Florida and Villanova before ultimately deciding to join UConn Nation, a big reason for that being the environment Hurley creates with his coaching.

“It’s not like he’s a coach that sits on the sideline, hands crossed and just coaching,” Diggins said. “He’s actually in the game with you. He’s excited with you. You score and he’s excited. Y’all mess up, he’s angry like he’s intense. He’s into the game, and that energy rubs off.”

While Diggins certainly has the athleticism to play the run-and-gun offense the Huskies depended on last season, he also thrives in half-court offense, one of UConn’s weaker areas. His quick first step and change of pace make him a true threat to get into the paint which, when combined with his passing skills, form a “pick-your-poison” type player few teams will want to compete against.

Diggins fills in the first scholarship of UConn’s 2021 class, leaving two left. The Huskies will hope to use those scholarships remaining on bigs, with the likes of Josh Carlton, Isaiah Whaley and Tyler Polley set to graduate after this year. As for what Diggins sees in the future, his goals are high

“I think we have a good chance at winning the Big East and maybe the national championship.”

Conner Gilson is the associate sports editor for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at He tweets @connergilson03.

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