Week 6 League Recap: Clown Fiestas


For perhaps the first time ever, the LCS might not be the biggest clown fiesta out of the main League of Legends leagues. That honor so far this summer falls to the LEC, Europe’s tier one league, for their impressive ability to both have unexpected teams at the top and have previously good teams alternate between being amazing and being the worst teams in the league.

In Europe right now, the MAD Lions and Rogue have claimed the top slots with 10 wins and three losses each. Despite their impressive successes, they’ve both had recent struggles; MAD Lions lost to SK Gaming over the weekend, and Rogue lost to a very struggling G2. This has left them still three games up, but Rogue especially is going to have to justify how they lost to a team who is now 6-7. MAD’s success is not that shocking; they had their incredible quarterfinal win over G2 in Spring which led to a third-place finish. Rogue, on the other hand, ended in fifth place after a somewhat poor performance in the postseason, winning just one series in the lower bracket.

On the topic of G2, perhaps no team has been a bigger surprise, in a very negative way. G2, who have won three splints in a row in the LEC, have found themselves tied for fifth with just six wins after 13 games in Summer. While some of G2s struggles are understandable, such as the struggles of Perkz, who has returned to ADC. He took a week off due to stress in June after his father passed away from cancer, and he’s been having a difficult season. But even beyond him, the entire team is struggling in a way that G2 rarely has in the last two years.  

At times, it has looked as though G2 doesn’t understand how to win games. Their mechanics are there; in one memorable game in Week Six, midlaner Caps went seven-and-four on his Orianna, but the rest of his team claimed a combined total of two kills. G2 never feels like they have more than one or two players playing.  Given the changes to the LEC system of getting to Worlds, which is now entirely based on placing in the Summer Playoffs, G2 has to pick it up or last year’s second place team will not be making it to Worlds.

Fnatic has also struggled. While they’ve sometimes looked a little more coherent than G2, they’ve lagged behind in skill at times, though they’re still slightly ahead of G2 at 7-6. They had a good game against Origen, who is 6-7 now, but with games against G2 and Rogue this week, they’ve got a test coming. If Fnatic can beat a top team and their old rivals, things will definitely be looking up for the squad who is looking to make yet another Worlds.

Europe’s standings are only getting more chaotic, with both top teams dropping games and many of the lower teams collecting victories. Going into Week Eight, and looking ahead to Week Nine’s three games, even the 5-8 teams are one game back from tying for playoff slots and a chance at going to Worlds, but this week the odds are that some of those teams will begin to lose that chance. The question is, which ones?

Ashton Stansel is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at ashton.stansel@uconn.edu.

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