UConn commuters will also face restrictions while attending classes on-campus


University of Connecticut students traveling to the Storrs campus will be required to test negative for COVID-19 at least two weeks prior to the start of classes, among other regulations required by UConn in order to ensure the health of those on campus for the duration of the fall semester, UConn’s Commuter Student Services said at the beginning of August. 

“Both graduate and undergraduate students, on all UConn campuses who are registered for in-person instruction or who will be regularly working or doing research on campus, are required to submit verification of a negative COVID-19 test result prior to attending in person classes,” John Armstrong, director of commuter student services, said in an email. 

Pictures of I Lot show the commuter parking spots full during the day. File photo/The Daily Campus

Commuter and off-campus students will have access to on-campus resources and services once negative coronavirus tests are completed and submitted to the University, Armstrong said. 

The Commuter Lounge, located in the Student Union, is among those UConn resources most commonly used by commuter students. The lounge will also be regulated by social-distancing guidelines. 

“The capacity of this space has been reduced to 12 occupants at one time,” Armstrong said. “In addition to the occupancy reduction, the refrigerator and microwaves have been removed and commuter lockers will not be available until further notice.” 

The UConn Instagram account, @uconn, mentioned that common study spaces, such as the library, will also be accessible to commuter students at a reduced density beginning August 31. 

“Some of these areas will require a reservation to use,” the account said in an Instagram story post. 

Parking permits, necessary for commuter students to attend in-person classes, went on sale earlier this month. The carpool parking permit, available to off-campus students, allows for a group of two to four students to share one parking permit. 

Carpool permits can be transferred within the designated carpool group, must be displayed within one of the designated vehicles while in use, and are only valid for the commuter lots that they were purchased for, the Parking Services website states

The commuter lounge in 2014. File photo/The Daily Campus

Commuter students are expected to adhere to the same safety guidelines as residential students as outlined in the UConn Promise. The health practices include maintaining social distancing while in public, wearing a mask, practicing good hygiene, and reading University COVID-19 communications updates, among others. 

“I will practice compassion, understanding, and respect. In making this promise, I acknowledge the harm of hateful and racist behaviors that discriminate against others,” the UConn Promise states. “I stand aligned with our communities who have experienced greater vulnerabilities to mistreatment during COVID-19.”

Amanda Kilyk is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. She can be reached at amanda.kilyk@uconn.edu

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