Garrigus placed in medical quarantine following case cluster


All 270 students living in Garrigus Suites at the University of Connecticut are being placed under a medical quarantine effective immediately following a disproportionate rise in COVID-19 cases compared to other residence halls, according to an email sent to students on Thursday afternoon. 

Putnam Refectory, the dining hall that primarily serves Garrigus and Werth, will now only limit service to residents of Garrigus until further notice. Students living elsewhere can now only receive their meals at South, McMahon, Northwest and North, the email said. 

Garrigus Suites is now in isolation as a cluster emerged in the dorm. File photo/The Daily Campus

“As we know all too well, this is a dynamic time for our campus, our community and our world,” the email said. “The presence of the COVID-19 virus has caused all of us to make sacrifices and adjust some of the fundamental ways we connect with one another.” 

The cumulative amount of residential cases on campus since move-in weekend stands at 42 at the time of writing. The university is expected to continue contact tracing and testing for those suspected of being in contact with a positive case. 

“As we return to class, we will need to do so with physical distance, masking, and virtual learning,” the email said. “These are the realities that we face as we return to in-person instruction. The UConn Promise details the measures we must all take to ensure health and safety.” 

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