The Video Music Awards and 2020

This combination photo of video grabs by MTV, issued Sunday, Aug. 30, 2020, shows Lady Gaga wearing masks during the MTV Video Music Awards. Photo from MTV via AP.

As we all know, 2020 has not been a kind year to us. We have had to get through quarantine as COVID-19 does its world tour in addition to following the convoluting plot twists thrown at us every month. With all this said, however, it has been a great time for the music industry. Music has always had the power to connect people and is a way to speak volumes when the world falls silent in disbelief. The Video Music Awards (VMAs) showed us that the talent of artists knows no bounds. 

If you missed the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, don’t worry, friend, because I can fill you in! Artists all over the world came together to give us over the top ensembles and live performances. To name a few, Doja Cat performed her hits “Say So” and “Like That,” Maluma sang his hit “Hawaii,” The Weekend performed “Blinding Lights” and Lady Gaga performed a medley of her greatest hits. 

In this video grab issued Sunday, Aug. 30, 2020, Doja Cat performs during the MTV Video Music Awards. Photo from MTV via AP.

Throughout the night, multiple artists won some of the most prestigious awards. Here are just a few: Lady Gaga took home the awards for best collaboration, artist of the year and song of the year. Taylor Swift, who was social distancing from the event, accepted the award for best direction and Megan Thee Stallion took the award for best hip-hop video. BTS took home the awards for best group, pop video, K-pop video and choreography. 

The awards show didn’t only cover areas in music, but also what is happening in the world today. They acknowledged the brave frontline workers fighting the ongoing pandemic, who also have had time to slow down and bring joy to everyone else at home. This may be through singing, dancing or sending a heartfelt message to encourage those of us who were quarantined. 

The VMAs also went on to acknowledge the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement, shedding light on those who were lost due to injustice. The show acknowledged victims of police brutality including Jacob Blake and Breonna Taylor. During the show, justice was requested not only on their behalf, but also for others who were lost years ago. 

The awards show also spoke about the importance of voting during the coming months. It emphasized that our voice is our power, and it’s a tool to pave the way for change, a way to be vocal and create a world we can all truly call home. 

The Video Music Awards have only gotten better by the year. With this year playing out as it did, the VMAs did a great job of displaying all that music has to offer and showing inspiration in these trying times. 


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