UConn faculty artists annual exhibition


Faculty from the UConn School of Fine Arts, Art & Art History and Digital Media & Design departments put their artwork on display in an annual exhibition at the William Benton Museum of Art. The exhibition will also be available online through the Benton website from Sept. 2 through Oct. 17.  

The Benton Museum of Art reopened on Sept. 2 with COVID-19 guidelines in place. One of the first few exhibitions include the “2020 Studio Art + Digital Media & Design Faculty Exhibition.” This exhibition is located in the East Gallery of the Benton Museum. The exhibition had a peaceful atmosphere and showcased a wide range of different mediums of art.

Upon entering the East gallery you see a variety of artwork. To the left side, you immediately notice a large sculpture. The sculpture had a cylindrical shape that is covered in a metallic, bubble-like texture. You can also see black wooden sticks encasing the bottom of the sculpture.  

Exploring more of the left side of the East gallery, you see some abstract artwork that uses many colors and shapes. For instance, there are pieces that use negative space in the background but pastel colors of shapes in the foreground. Other pieces include more patterns and abstract shapes. You can also see a few paintings and photographs of ancient sculptures on the left side of the East gallery.  

A few of the pieces exhibited at the 2020 Student Art + Digital Media & Design Faculty Exhibit at the Benton Museum until Oct. 17. All photos courtesy of Amy Chen/The Daily Campus.

To the right side of the exhibit, there is more abstract artwork and some photography pieces. You can also see an animation adaptation about the lives of ants. In the video, the creators used the Price Chopper supermarket as the setting. Actors were portraying ants and bringing food to a woman acting as the queen ant.  

“I thought the ants video was super interesting since the video in the grocery store and the other piece that was just a projection of the ants next to the video were parallel to each other,” Shannon Hong, a first-semester computer science major, said. “It was interesting to think that in a way, we humans can be looked at as ants bringing food to our queen.”  

Under the physical title of “2020 Studio Art + Digital Media & Design Faculty Exhibition” in the East gallery there are several pieces of artwork depicting different people’s lives, each of which is made distinct by a wide variety of colors and styles. 

“I liked this one because it was a combination of different shapes and sizes,” Sandra Tello-Aca, a first-semester undecided major, said regarding a piece she had seen at the exhibit. “I also like how the colors were mixed with the clouds. It brought color into the room and made it stand out. Most of the other ones had boring colors.”  

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