Feel Good Friday: The 17th Annual Run for Nancy’s Kids will be virtual this year

Families and friends gather for the annual Run for Nancy’s Kids. This 5k brought communities together and will continue to do so this year in a virtual format (Courtesy of Connecticut Children’s)

Participants of the 16th annual Run for Nancy’s Kids can run virtually this year, as the fundraising event seeks to ease the medical-financial burdens of families with children who have complex medical issues, according to their website.  

“The annual 5K Run/Walk for Nancy’s Kids is held in honor of Dr. Nancy Law, a pediatrician at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center (CCMC) who dedicated her time to caring for children with complex medical issues. She understood that these families carried significant financial burdens and she started a fund to help support these families and others with limited financial resources,” Caity Miller, a UConn School of Medicine MD Candidate, said in an email. “Nancy was an avid runner, and this 5K is held in her honor each year and all proceeds from the race continue to support these children and their families.”    

According to Miller, registrants can upload their 5k runs (or walks) anytime between Sept. 5-13, using apps such as Strava or MapMyRun. Participants can then send in their workouts to Dr. Fisher, a pediatrician at CCMC who is coordinating the race.  

While there is no registration fee for the event, participants are strongly encouraged to place a donation instead. Fisher added some insight into the distribution of the funds from the fundraiser.  

“As she knew she did not have long to live, she established the Nancy’s Kids fund at CT Childrens to provide a way to give some additional support for families of the primary care center,” Fisher said in an email. “Funds are made available based on needs identified by the social workers and medical providers of the primary care center.”  

Miller offered positive memories and feedback she received from the annual run when she volunteered with other students and members of the UConn School of Medicine.  

“Last year was the first time I attended the 5K and it was a wonderful event. The support from the CCMC staff, residency program, alumni, and the general community was so apparent and warm and it was such a lovely and positive day,” Miller said. “People came with their families to walk and run at the West Hartford reservoir, so many volunteered their time and everyone really banded together to make it a successful day.”  

Miller noted that the event brings both much-needed attention and fundraising for an important cause, but also considers it a way to get out and be active. 

“It truly is a wonderful cause to support these kids and their families however we can, when they’re already going through so much,” Miller said. “We’ve also all been cooped up more than usual due to the circumstances brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, so it doubles as an excuse to get out of the house in a safe and healthy way!”  

More information on the Run for Nancy’s Kids and ways to donate and register can be found on its webpage.  

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