‘Love, Guaranteed’: Netflix’s newest cheesy rom-com


In the mood to watch a cheesy romance? One that makes you cringe but fall in love with the characters at the same time? “Love, Guaranteed” is the movie for you. This Netflix original follows the story between a lawyer and an unlucky lover. Nick Evans (Damon Wayans Jr.) is determined to sue dating app Love Guaranteed after he went on over 1,000 dates and failed to meet the woman of his dreams. He and his lawyer, Susan Whitaker (Rachael Leigh Cook), work together in hopes of bringing justice to the thousands of Love Guaranteed users … yet a small something gets in the way.  

Whitaker soon begins her quest on what she refers to as “research,” or more simply put: Stalking. She goes through Nick’s socials, dates, past relationship with his fiancée, job and so much more. Through all of this much-needed research, her doubts that Nick may be the reason behind 1,000 unsuccessful dates vanishes. All she finds is a kind-hearted, caring man who seems to have his life figured out. While both Nick and Susan feel their relationship start to shift, they’re scared to admit it to each other until one decides they can no longer wait.  

Mark Steven Johnson, the director, picked a range of characters that were both relatable and humorous. Whitaker is supported by her two assistants, Denise and Gideon, who create quite the combo together. Their easygoing banter helps to balance Whitaker’s tense personality. While the movie’s main focus is the love interests, Johnson did not slack when choosing supporting roles.  

“Love, Guaranteed” isn’t a complex story with an intricate plot. It’s a simple and straightforward narrative. If you’re looking for a gripping film that makes you shed tears and leaves you thinking about it for days, then skip ahead.  It’s a fun, lighthearted film that is perfect for a rainy day or even as a background distraction. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed watching, but there are moments where I felt the acting wasn’t top-notch or organic. Have you ever experienced watching a movie and realizing that the actors are acting? It’s never a good feeling.  

One aspect of the movie that I loved is the feminist undertone. Having a main character that is a female lawyer is empowering and inspiring. It showcases women in powerful roles instead of utilizing a typical male centric theme. It was refreshing to see a female representing a traditionally male role, rather than the other way around.  

While I would not make watching “Love, Guaranteed” part of my monthly routine, I see no reason to not recommend it to my family and friends.  

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars  

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