SHaW-Medical Care revises their daily symptoms check protocol

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SHaW daily symptom testing served as a way for students to communicate their symptoms to medical professionals without leaving quarantine and potentially exposing others. Photo by Deborah Hubbell.

The daily symptom checks were sent to all residential students for the first week of the designated two-week quarantine period. Reitz said that these tests gave students the ability to assess their health and note any symptoms they have that may be tied to COVID-19. 

“The daily symptom check prompts the student to do a ‘self- assessment’ of their current health status and self-identify symptoms that may be related to COVID-19,” Reitz said. 

Upon the submission of a daily symptom check, Reitz said that the SHaW Medical Care team can assess students who had worrisome symptoms. This allows them to contact students who may not have reached out without this check. 

While most residential students are no longer receiving the daily symptom checks, Reitz notes that some students will still receive them. Notably, those who are in self-quarantine will receive these checks throughout their quarantine. 

“We continue to rely on the daily symptom check to monitor the health of all our students who have been placed in medical self-quarantine,” Reitz said. “These students receive the symptom check daily throughout their self-quarantine period.” 

Reitz wanted to remind students about the importance of filling out the daily symptom checks sent to them. She emphasized, “If you receive a symptom check from us, please complete and submit it. It is one of the ways we are able to keep you and your community safe.” 

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